Covid-19 lockdown: What’s open and what’s closed

Essential services will remain open.

Open dairy shop in New Zealand on a sunny day.

New Zealand is now in lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here's what you need to know about the essential services available during this time.

What stores can I expect to remain open?

Supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations will stay open during the Covid-19 lockdown. They’re regarded as essential services.

What about big box retailers such as The Warehouse?

The Warehouse and other big box retailers won’t be open due to the risk of spreading the virus. Stores such as Bunnings, Placemakers and Mitre 10 can stay open to trade customers for essential purposes only. They can’t sell goods to the public.

Will dairies be open?

Dairies can stay open but must use strict physical distancing rules for customers. This means they need to operate a “one-in one-out” policy. They won’t be allowed to sell food prepared on the premises.

What’s happening with food delivery services?

Food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Delivereasy won’t be available.

However, meals on wheels and services such as My Food Bag (which deliver food that’s not pre-cooked) will be allowed under strict health conditions.

What about bottle stores?

Liquor stores will be closed.

The only exception is in Licensing Trust Areas where there’s nowhere else to buy alcohol. These stores must operate a “one-in one-out” policy.

Can I buy appliances or other products online and get them delivered?

The government is doing further work on online ordering of non-food products to see if this type of retail can be carried out safely.

Updated advice will be issued when further decisions are made.

Will self-service laundromats be open?

Yes. Self-service laundries can stay open. However, the two-metre physical distancing rule must be used.

What about gyms? Do I have to keep paying membership fees?

Gyms will be closed during the lockdown. We expect gyms to be putting membership fees on hold as customers can’t use the facilities.

Will banks be open?

Most bank branches will be closed. Some will remain open for limited hours one day a week. Key banking services will remain available – this includes ATMs, phone and online banking. Banks’ call centres will have reduced staffing.

What about insurance companies?

Insurance is classified as an essential service. If you need to contact your insurer, call or email them.

Will mechanics and vehicle testing stations be open?

Anyone providing services to keep vehicles operational for essential work purposes can stay open but we expect many mechanics will close. All driver-testing and WOF-only VTNZ branches have closed until further notice.

If your WOF is due to expire and you’re worried about whether your car insurance will provide cover if you need to drive the vehicle, contact your insurer. We expect insurers to be flexible at this time.

What about my rubbish and recycling?

Waste collection is an essential service so rubbish will continue to be collected. Check your council’s website to see if recycling will continue to be collected during the lockdown.

The official government page has more detailed advice for other services.

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Lynn B.
28 Mar 2020

What is happening with mail? How can I mail a package to the USA with all post shops closed? Is FedEx operating? I cant get through to them, will they pick up an international package to the US?