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Buying boiled eggs a cracking idea?

I have to admit it. I've now bought this product three times. Some of you will think I'm absolutely crazy.

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The first time was during the school holidays and both husband and son were away for the week. Perfect, I thought, this is just the thing to get me through lunches for the week.

I usually take a bunch of salad things to work for lunch and assemble when I'm ready to eat. I sometimes struggle with the protein component and I thought being able to grab a boiled egg from the fridge in the morning rush would be just the thing.

And it was. I didn't mind that it cost me more than $1 per egg. I was prepared to pay for the convenience. It's still much cheaper than buying lunch and options on Thorndon Quay in Wellington are not great so that's usually a last resort.

But then I bought them again. And again. And this week I'm pretty sure I'll pick up some more.

I know I could boil myself a bunch at the beginning of the week but after catching up on all the washing over the weekend, making pizza for easy Sunday night dinner in front of the telly and doing my ironing for the week, it's the last thing on my mind.

Yes, I'm prepared to pay for convenience. And I'll be at work by 7.30 on Monday morning to pay for it!

Karen McDonald is Consumer NZ's head of marketing and business development.

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