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Samantha S.
03 Jan 2022
Typical frustrating door sales ignoramce

Sadly since the campaign was launches ive always had the do not knock stickers ive also had various signs and posters on my door especially now covid has been an issue. REDRAT was a troublesome one. As we're the telecommunications ones. I cant even remember the company but I had just given birth and really prayed on that volitility even with my husband here we have a sticker and cut out the cards/signage and saved all from. The stickers and plaster them on every window and door and even point to them when people attempt to knock on the door but this guy was adament we coukd have broadband fibre I stated quite firmly we could not as there was no fibre installed in our lane super pushy and eventually I signed and kept the copy of my contract and later contacted the company explaining it was impossible also enable contacted me and stated we have had a request from another company for the fibre install I said no leave as is becasue we are not actually with any provider and need it left for when and if anyone wants fibre installed at the residential property so they went to great lengths to push for the supply only in December 2021 have we finally had fibre installed to our address we still don't have a connection to the house as dont need/want it we are with skinny jump thats sufficient for our household but this door sales man arrived in 2017 after I had just given birth go figure. How on earth could he promise we recieve fibre and be charged a fibre rate for no service get real. Argh made me so angry and the ignorance of ignoring the signs.

Lucy T.
15 Sep 2017
Can we have one for charities too please?

I understand the "Do Not Knock" sign is aimed at salespeople, and mine's working very well at that.
I'd really like to have one for charity door-knockers as well, and religious door-knockers, and basically anyone who I haven't expressly or implicitly (couriers) invited on to the property.
I don't think this is unreasonable: I do make charitable donations - to charities I've chosen after research, and by bank deposit, not signing up to door knockers - so I don't think I'm being a stingy grinch.
Any chance of this on the horizon? Or, if not, any suggestion for how I might word something to make myself?

Previous member
18 Sep 2017
Re: Can we have one for charities too please?

Hi Lucy,

Our campaign targets salespeople as they are the ones creating the real harm. But there's nothing to stop people from making their own signs for charities and religious door knockers as well though. You can use the printable version of the sticker here as a starting point:

Kind regards,
Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Samantha S.
03 Jan 2022
I've made them myself

Hey there I have made a really big sign on my door you can also get templates but also for the covid situation now also I have a sign on my door that stipulates there is an immunocompromised person in the home and not to knock and in the event of an emergency or requiring making co tact with the resident to Contact via Phone. Its certainly made a huge impact for me. You can download /print and laminate or make your own styles online.

Previous member
08 Apr 2016
Three in a week

We just moved back to New Zealand. And I've had THREE door to door salespeople. In a week! Now one admittedly was from charity, but I understand most of these style of door knockers are actually paid a commission by the charity. If rather all of a donation to go to the charity which is why I'll never sign up this way. Printing a sticker!!!

Lawrence W W.
29 Jan 2016
More stickers

We live in one of those sausage type apartments and so door to door knockers come to either door, and will now come to the front claiming they did not see the sticker on the back door. Is it possible to get another sticker. Also one seller claimed he could not read (A preacher for Destiny Church)

Previous member
01 Feb 2016
Re: More stickers

Hi Lawrence,

We’ll get a sticker posted to your PO box address today. The sticker is only intended to prevent salespeople from knocking on your door, but you also have the right to tell other door-knockers to leave if you don’t want them at your house.

Kind regards,
Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Previous member
12 Aug 2015
Trust Power ignore Do Not Knock signs

Hi I thought it was working well until Trust Power ignored the sign in Cockle Bay Auckland last night 11 August. Rather frustrating!

Previous member
20 Aug 2015
re: Trust Power ignore Do Not Knock signs

Hi Janet,

We're sorry to hear your sticker was ignored. If you would like us to follow up with Trustpower please email us with more details at

Kind regards,
Aneleise - Consumer NZ staff.

10 Aug 2015
has cut down sales people considerably

I put up two of the stickers (got them from Resene shop as my teenage son commandeered the one that came with the magazine and put it on his bedroom door which I think is to tell us to keep out…), one on the letter box and then another near the front door. Haven't had any door knocking since.

Was getting a lot of power companies and charities knocking at around 5-6pm. Haven't had any lately. Well done Consumer.

Mary Anderson
25 Oct 2015
Do not knock stickers ... has cut down sales people considerably

Same here.

Haven't had any sales people knocking and being a nuisance, since putting the sticker up on the front door. In the past they were becoming somewhat intrusive, with some not accepting NO as an answer.

Prior to the stickers becoming available, I had no option but to be blunt, to the point of being rude in some cases, which I didn't enjoy doing.

Seems the stickers are doing the intended job. Thanks Consumer.

Steve R.
09 Nov 2014
trojan horse salesmen

Consumer regularly sends unsolicited advertising for bulk wine at dirt cheap prices.

I personally dislike this cheap piggy back method of bypassing my no junk mail sticker on my letter box. Could consumer please explain why my right to no junk mail is bypassed.

It irks me considerably that consumer ignores my complaints on this matter. Please answer whether I have the right to prevent my family seeing alcohol advertising that enters by trojan horse. I pay for a magazine that enhances my rights. My rights are being totally ignored in this case.

I would be interested in the ethics of advertising the most harmful drug being discussed by Consumers heirachy. The next magazine that enters with alcohol advertising will necessitate my subscription being terminated. What choices do I have?

Previous member
10 Nov 2014
Re: trojan horse salesmen

Hello Steve,

Our magazine does not contain advertising and is flowrapped for delivery to members so we’re not sure how this could have happened. Unless you are referring to the wine taste testing that is carried out by experts a few times a year which we do publish?

Richard - Consumer NZ staff.

Previous member
03 Nov 2014

An excellent idea. How about providing stickers specifically directed at Jehovah's witnesses?

Alison M.
03 Nov 2014
sponsorship seekers

Does this also apply to all the charities wanting us to sign up. I think about 50% of our door knocks are people wanting to sign us up for sponsorship?

Previous member
03 Nov 2014
Re: sponsorship seekers

Hello Alison, the sticker is only intended to prevent salespeople from knocking on your door but you also have the right to tell other door-knockers to leave if you don’t want them at your house. Thanks, Kate - Consumer staff

Y M.
03 Nov 2014
Printable sign

Hi there, what about providing a pdf of a printable A5 sign? I'm happy to put one on the window near my door - but as a tenant I'm reluctant to put stickers on the property.

Previous member
03 Nov 2014
Re: Printable sign

Hi there Y M. Thanks for your suggestion. We have just added a link to the FAQs at the bottom of the page so you can now print a pdf version of the sticker. Thank you, Kate - Consumer staff

Elizabeth H.
03 Nov 2014
Cold calls

We live in a rural area, so not so likely to have 'door-knockers' - what we do get though are the annoying phone calls where after I say 'Hello' a strange (probably electronic) voice starts trying to sell me household goods. It has also filled up the answerphone tape with its garbage. Is there a way to stop this ?

Previous member
03 Nov 2014
Re: Cold calls

Hello Elizabeth. The NZ Marketing Association operates 'do not mail' and 'do not call' registers, available free to consumers. If you don't want to receive cold calls from telemarketers, your home contact details can be added to the list. There is more information about this within the FAQs on this page. Thanks, Kate - Consumer NZ staff.

Previous member
09 Jun 2015
Mess up the Callers

when you hear the voice start hit the # key multiple times and the machine will not call again :)