Bottle of "Natural" multi-purpose cleaner
Research report
27 September 2019

Do green claims on multi-purpose cleaners stack up?

Killing up to 99.9% of cleaning product claims.

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Sue S.
07 Aug 2021

I have found their Kitchen, Bathroom and General CLeaners pretty good. I go to the bother of going to a separate shop to buy them.

John C.
13 Feb 2020
Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaner

I read in a Consumer test on cleaners not long ago, rubbishing some cleaners by saying they were no better than using water....really!
I have been using Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaner for a year now, and it has revolutionized how I clean my bathroom, particularly the basin when shaving.
I just give the basin a squirt after shaving, rub around with my hand, and it's clean. Like wise the bath. Every so often, I follow up with a paste cleaner.

Richard P.
11 Jan 2020
Use of vinegar as a cleaner

It might have been useful to compare the use of vinegar and any other similar alternative substances with the other cleaners tested. The article by Rebecca Styles hints at this but perhaps it could have been considered for formally in the analysis.