11 April 2022

Do you really need a new TV?

Probably not, but if you do (or just want one anyway), shop wisely.

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Joe and Corina
16 Apr 2022
Old plasma still had great pic

We just replaced our 2009 Samsung 50 inch Plasma this week with a Samsung 65inch 4K. The plasma still had great picture and even when images "burned in", it had a swipe function that cleaned the image off and made it like new again. Only fault was the red "stain" appearing in the bottom corner past year but most movies had bars so didn't matter anyway. Used a Google chromecast for the last 5 years with great success. Was about 40kg though and hopefully our power consumption will be a lot less now. Love the new models Bluetooth function for cord free headphone listening. Just wish they integrated with Google and not just Bixby and Alexa.

Steven S.
16 Apr 2022
Kuro still going strong at 15 years old

We still use a Plasma Pioneer Kuro 50" PDP-LX508G from 2007, it was almost unused (no dust inside) when purchased 2nd hand in 2016 for $470 +$143 for a stand. These were >$10,000.00 ? when new. It doesn't even have speakers (they were extra). It weighs 55kg.

We have been absolutely spoiled by this TV. Movies, particularly film, are just amazing, We use an apple tv to modernize. Will be sad to see this beautifully engineered machine go when it breaks, then OLED?

We also have a recent ordinary Panasonic 4K LED, it's Ok but the Kuro is way nicer to watch.

Geoffrey O.
16 Apr 2022
Plasma TV worth changing?

We still have a Panasonic 50 inch plasma TV that works fine but concerned about the power consumption compared to LCD/OLED. Also it lost the ability to Skype family overseas which was awesome. Not sure if any of the new TVs have webcamera/skype capabilities

Kas S.
16 Apr 2022
Panasonic Bluetooth Remote sucks

I didn't need to replace my Sony 42 inch flat screen TV I brought in 2012 but offered to buy a Panasonic 50 inch 4K last year from a friend who brought it and found it was too big for their home and I was keen on a bigger screen size. Was still in it's box and getting it at a cheaper price too was a bonus but the remote for it isn't fantastic. Ok it's a pretty basic looking remote but half the time it takes a few goes to turn on the TV. Excellent picture and colours does make up for it but my old Sony still has a good picture too, with a more fussy (way more buttons to push) but easier to use remote.

Jeff H.
16 Apr 2022
Remote probem

Could well be that the remote needs a brand new battery.

J W.
17 Apr 2022
Remote problem

If the problem is in the remote, (and replacing the batteries doesn't help) you might work around it it with an aftermarket remote like a Harmony.

Rob C.
17 Apr 2022
Phone apps worth investigating?

Some smartphone apps will do the same job. Worth trying??

Paul W
16 Apr 2022
Would love a new TV but...

My old 46" 2007 model Sony TV is still going as good as the day I bought it even tough it is just a dumb panel with no digital tuner. When it dies I'll replace it with a 55 ~ 65" model. The bedroom TV is a 32" LG about 6 years old.

Tom B.
14 Apr 2022
Magazine graphs

The graphs in the magazine on prices was really helpful. They should have been shown in this article.