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Dodging Air NZ surcharges

There've been quite a few complaints recently at the way Air New Zealand hits customers with surcharges when they pay for flights by credit card. Recently I found an easy way to avoid copping these fees when booking flights to Canada. And – bonus! You could even save more money.

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We wanted to spend every possible day of our 4 weeks leave in Canada, which meant flying out of New Zealand on a Saturday. On the Air NZ site it looked good – it was offering a special deal that day.

Some deal – it was discounted business class seats! And there were no economy seats available. At $11,829 for two, this holiday was not going to fly! Not even by throwing in a dollop of hard-earned Airpoints Dollars. But we could fly economy the next day for $6169, including $70 for credit card surcharges.

I thought maybe another airline could get us away on the Saturday, so I logged on to Expedia and sure enough one could. And for up to $654 cheaper! But a longer flight time via Sydney didn't really appeal. Then I noticed down the list the very Air NZ flights we wanted – direct from Auckland, leaving on the Saturday, and for $396 less than Air NZ wanted on the Sunday. Best of all, no credit card surcharges. Out with the plastic ...

As I booked, Expedia asked for my Airpoints number, so the booking showed up in my Air NZ account and can be managed from there. From then, it's just like we booked direct – we'll get all our Airpoints, we've selected our seats and so on. And Expedia found the fares faster than Air NZ on the slow dial up connection I was using at the time.

So – if you don't like paying these surcharges – the answer is simple. Expedia! Or Webjet, House of Travel, Flight Centre ...

As we've been saying for years – shop around. You could save a bundle.

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