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28 November 2017

Don’t be fooled by travel scratchies

Scam tricks people into handing over money in order to claim "prize".

Scam travel scratchies are again showing up in letterboxes, trying to trick people into handing over money to get their “prize”.

The scam is run from Malaysia and are from traders called “Madly in Love Holiday” and “Get It On Holiday”. Glossy travel brochures are sent to people as well as scratchie cards that almost always reveal a prize, such as US$190,000, has been won.

To claim their prize, victims pay what they’re told are the required taxes or fees through Western Union or a bank transfer. The Commerce Commission says no one has received a prize.

The scam often pops up in New Zealand. If it is sent to you, just throw it out.

The brochure and scratchie cards that were received by a Wellington resident.

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