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Recall: Downee latches

Recall: Downee safety gate latches


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The problem

The magnet may dislodge from the latch and stop the latch from locking. If this happens unintended access to hazardous areas such as swimming pools may be possible.


Downee top pull latch for safety gates. Models affected:

  • Downee DPL1000
  • Downee DPL1000NK
  • Schlage LLSCDPL1000V Sold to resellers, fence manufacturers and hardware stores between 22 April 2013 and 21 November 2013.

What to do

  • Ensure the gate is properly latched/locked.
  • If you have not yet been contacted by Downee, please contact their representative immediately so a tradesperson can replace the latch or provide you with a DIY latch replacement kit.

Downee representative: Warren Grayson
Phone: 09 277 0040 or 021 676 676