Ever bought tickets to a show or booked a holiday online and found extra fees added to the price you had to pay? This sneaky practice is called drip pricing. On top of the advertised price, you’re charged mandatory “service” or “booking” fees. These extras can significantly bump up the price.

You can also be slugged with credit or debit card fees. If there’s no other way to pay, you won’t be able to avoid them.

You may not discover these add-ons until you’ve trawled through the fine print or come to the end of the booking process.

Overseas, regulators have cracked down on drip pricing. In Europe, traders have to disclose upfront the total cost of a product as well as any extra fees. In Australia, it’s illegal for companies to display a component of a price without prominently showing the total amount the consumer has to pay.

We think it’s time companies here were upfront about the add-ons.

If you’ve been stung by extra fees, let us know – email drippedoff@consumer.org.nz. Consumer members and supporters can also log in and comment on this page.