End unfair gift card expiry dates hero
Updated 7 May 2021

End unfair gift card expiry dates

Gift card sales earn retailers big bucks. But consumers are losing millions on cards they can’t redeem.

More than 70 percent of us regularly buy gift cards. They’re the go-to option for shopping dilemmas. But strict expiry dates mean many of us get stuck with cards we can’t use. The amount being lost is likely to add up to millions of dollars every year.

  • Our survey found one in five gift card recipients had been left empty-handed after the card expired before they could redeem its full value.
  • Based on the typical gift card value, we estimate consumers could be losing $10 million annually.
  • In response to our campaign, 33 retailers have dropped or extended their expiry dates.
  • We want the Fair Trading Act amended to make unfair expiry dates on gift cards a thing of the past. The majority of Kiwi consumers want the rules changed here too. Our survey found 54 percent of those who had a view thought gift cards should have no expiry date; 13 percent thought if there was a date, it should be up to five years.

Send a letter

If you’ve been left with a worthless card, use this email template to ask the retailer to drop its unfair expiry date.

Subject: Drop the dates

As a customer of your store, I’m writing to ask you to remove the expiry dates on your gift cards.

Along with many other consumers, I think these dates are unfair. Every time one of your gift cards expires before it’s fully redeemed, a customer misses out.

Some retailers offer gift cards with no expiry dates. Do the right thing and drop the dates on your cards.

Yours sincerely

[Insert name]