Dynabook: NZ’s newest laptop brand

Dynabook has made a grand debut in our latest laptop test with a new notebook that performed so well we rated it as one of the best laptops we’ve looked at.

Man working on his laptop.

The Portégé X30W-J stood out among our recommended models for its impressive battery life and very light weight.

It also held its own against the best when it came to processing speed and display quality. With a fold-back screen letting it double as a tablet, the X30W-J is one of only two hybrid models recommended in our test. It’s also the first laptop we’ve tested with USB-C ports that support the new top-of-the-line Thunderbolt 4 connection.

About Dynabook

Toshiba’s computing division was bought by Sharp in 2018 and rebranded to Dynabook in 2019. Historically, Toshiba’s computers did well in our testing, but the company largely retreated from our consumer market several years ago.

Prior to the rebrand, Dynabook had been a product name for Toshiba’s lightweight laptops since the Toshiba DynaBook T1000SE was released in 1989 (complete with a whopping 1MB of memory).

Where you can find Dynabook laptops

Photo of a Dynabook Portégé X30W-J.

As is often the case with computers, it’s tough to track down the exact model we tested – you can look for the Portégé X30W-J on PriceMe using this link. We found our current price of $2591 at Laurenson Technology, a store in Kaitaia that ships nationwide. If you find a model with different specs, our buying guide can tell you how the changes are likely to affect performance.

Generally, the retailers that stock Dynabook in New Zealand include PB Tech and the online store Elive. Some stores still advertise Dynabook computers under the brand name Toshiba – presumably because it has better name recognition – but expect to see less Toshiba and more Dynabook in the future.

Why this is good

More quality competition in the market is always good for consumers, and it was a pity to see Toshiba’s withdrawal from the New Zealand market. Now, under new ownership and a new name, we’re hoping for a full return to more stores in Aotearoa – and the new Portégé X30 is certainly a good place to start.

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Ken M.
13 Feb 2021

Sorry to be on topic, but is 8 GB really enough with Windows 10 Pro? I am running Chrome, Word, Excel, Abode Acrobat Reader and Outlook and am using 10.6 GB. Having 16 GB means that RAM is not a limitation.

Mike G.
13 Feb 2021
Good looking machine

Great article Nick. I’m keen to get one of these as it’s a nice cross over between laptop and tablet. Great seeing technology advancing with the changing workplace’s of Aotearoa.