Recall: Dyson AM04 and AM05

Dyson is recalling all AM04 and AM05 heaters due to a potential safety issue.

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Recall: Dyson AM04 and AM05 heaters

The problem

A small number of heaters have short-circuited, resulting in a fire contained within the heater.


Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot+Cold heaters (models AM04 and AM05).

What to do

  • Stop using the heater and unplug it.
  • Find the serial number on the underside of the heater. It's a long code containing numbers and letters on a silver label.
  • Enter the serial number on the Dyson website to see if the heater is affected by the recall.
  • If it is, follow the instructions on the website to register the heater. Dyson will replace it with a new one, along with a new 2 year guarantee covering parts and labour.

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