Dyson Supersonic hairdryer review – boom or bust?

Did the $599 Dyson Supersonic hairdryer blow us away?

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I need three things in a hairdryer: power, temperature control and good balance. Did the pricey Dyson Supersonic tick these boxes and blow me away?

My hair is long and thick, so drying it in the mornings takes the better part of half an hour. A hairdryer that significantly shrinks this time is worth its weight in gold, and, in my opinion, the Dyson Supersonic is worth it.

The fastest way to dry hair is using a hairdryer with a strong, consistent airflow – and the Supersonic certainly packs a punch. It produces a high-velocity stream of air without any blades, just like Dyson’s fans and heaters. There are three power settings that give you plenty of control. It also has four magnetic head attachments for drying and styling any type of hair. I estimate it saved me a few minutes in drying time each use.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with attachments
The Dyson Supersonic has four magnetic head attachments for drying and styling any type of hair.

Even if your hairdryer has helped style your hair perfectly, what’s the point if heat has damaged it? High temperatures can cause strands to become brittle and break. The Supersonic has three heat settings, as well as a cool air mode for setting styles at the quick press of a button. I felt my hair was safe from damage while using the Supersonic. Even after using the highest temperature to dry my hair in a rush, damage wasn’t an issue.

It’s an ionic hairdryer, which releases negative ions that are supposed to help dry hair faster without high temperatures. Dyson claims this also reduces static. While I noticed my hair was glossier, I’m sceptical about the static claim. I have very staticky hair (I often shock co-workers), and while using the Supersonic I didn’t notice any reduction.

A hairdryer needs to be easy to use and have good balance. I found the low profile of the head, slim handle and light weight of the Supersonic made it easy to handle for long periods (at 659g, it’s lighter than the average hairdryer we’ve tested). The motor is in the handle, not the head, and while the most comfortable position for me to grip partially obscured the air intake, this didn’t appear to affect performance. Overall it was easy to manoeuvre for styling, even when adding volume to my hair by drying with my head upside down.

I was impressed with the Dyson Supersonic and found it saved me time in the morning, left my hair looking great and was a breeze to use. And as for power, temperature control and balance, that’s three ticks from me. The cost might be daunting, but as long as it lasts the test of time, I think it’s worth the price.

This Supersonic was loaned to the writer by Dyson.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

Price: $599


Cord length: 2.8m
Power: 1600W
Colours: Fuchsia, purple and nickel
Attachments: Gentle air attachment, diffuser, smoothing nozzle and styling concentrator. Comes with a heat-resistant mat

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Lorna H.
21 Dec 2019
Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

The Dyson Supersonic is costly, but by far the best hairdryer I have ever owned, so I feel it is worth it. Have owned now for a couple of months . I have difficult curly wavy short hair and it does a fantastic job of straightening it. I like the controls and the light weight. Definite thumbs up from me. Like another commenter, I too have had decades of using a hairdryer daily, but I have absolutely no hearing loss.

Lesley M.
21 Dec 2019

I'd be interested in a comparison of the noise levels of leading hairdryers. I suspect several decades of daily use of a hairdryer has contributed to my hearing loss.