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Keith R.
12 Oct 2021

Well Linda D. certainly couldn't have expressed my thoughts, any clearer.
Why are we not seeing test reports and, more importantly, recommendations?

Linda D.
21 Sep 2021
Want a test

Cant see the point of the guide, appears a staff member didn’t have anything to do so lets write a guide.
The reason we sign up for consumer is to know which are good brands and ones to stay away from

Susan B.
16 Sep 2021
Test the Products

This "guide" is mainly common sense. When we pay a Consumer subscription we are hoping for a qualitative test of products that we can compare i.e. a technical evaluation.
This is not good enough!

Tony B.
08 Sep 2021
Electric shavers

It would be helpful if consumer was able to test electric shavers to recommend those providing a better shave

Scott & Ruth J.
15 Sep 2021
Tony Is Right

Very little useful guidance in the buying guide. What's needed is testing. I volunteer to take part in these tests.