Recall: Evenflo

Some Evenflo carseats use a harness crotch buckle which may become resistant to unlatching over time.

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Recall: Evenflo carseat harness buckle

The problem

The Evenflo carseat models listed below use a harness crotch buckle which, when exposed to food and drinks, may become resistant to unlatching over time.


Model numbers are on a white label on the back of the carseat.

Chase, Chase LX and Chase Select 306 23.8.2011  to  3.3.2014
Chase LX and Chase DLX 329 23.8.2011  to  3.3.2014
Symphony 65
Symphony 65 E3
Symphony LX
Symphony DLX
Snugli All-in-One
345 or  346 2.10.2012  to  26.8.2013
SureRide DLX 371 20.6.2012  to  17.10.2013
Secure Kid LX,
Secure Kid DLX
Secure Kid 100
Secure Kid 300
Secure Kid 400
308 13.12.2011  to  3.3.2014

What to do

Evenflo will provide a free remedy kit to people who own affected seats. It includes a replacement buckle and instructions for installing the new buckle. To order this please contact Tas Baby Holdings Ltd:

Do not return these convertible car seats and harnessed boosters to retailers.

If you are having difficulty unlatching the buckle before your remedy kit arrives, cleaning the buckle should help. There are videos to show you how to fit the new buckle on this page.

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