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22 July 2015

Event Cinemas recalls kids’ movie cups

Button batteries can be easily released.

Nearly 2000 cups sold as a promotion for the kids’ movie Inside Out are about to be recalled by Event Cinemas.

Event Cinemas said it will recall the 1940 Inside Out Flashing Light Novelty Cups sold between 17 June and 12 July. About 15,000 of the cups have already been recalled in Australia because button batteries in the cup lid can be easily released. The button batteries can also come out if the battery cover is not properly in place or if the lid is dropped.

The cups are being recalled at the theatres now and a recall notice was due to go out today.

Event Cinemas food and beverage manager Jamie Twigden said the flashing light lid should be thrown out but the cup kept so it can be taken back to the cinema for a refund.

“There have been no reported injuries and we are treating this as a precautionary potential safety investigation until we can determine otherwise.”

Button batteries are coin-sized batteries common in a variety of devices including remote controls, singing Christmas cards, bathroom scales and car keys. When swallowed they can cause burns and tissue damage in less than 2 hours.

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