First Look: Dyson V10 Absolute+ stick vac

A fundamental change in how you vacuum is on the horizon. Dyson, a market leader, is so confident in its latest stick vacuum that it’s stopped developing corded models.

Dyson V10 Absolute+ stick vac

A fundamental change in how you vacuum is on the horizon. Dyson, a market leader, is so confident in its latest stick vacuum that it’s stopped developing corded models.

The V10 is the successor of Dyson’s popular V7 and V8 cordless stick vacuums. This new model has a redesigned motor, a larger-capacity battery and a horizontal bin that’s 40% larger. It costs an eye-watering $1100 – is it good enough to justify Dyson’s bold move?

The V10 features in our latest stick vacuums test (results will be available soon) – it performed well enough to recommend – but we wanted to push its limits on other household messes. We hit the kitchen and garden and had a few “mishaps” including handfuls of spilt cooked rice, sugar, flour and fresh dirt.

Cleaning performance

The V10 was sweet as at cleaning up sugar, with no granules visible on our carpet after two passes. Dirt was a little tougher, but it only took an extra pass to pick it all up. Fine flour particles were our hardest mess but, as with dirt, it only took three passes to leave no trace of the spill.

When vacuuming up cooked rice, I was worried the grains would get squashed into the carpet by the cleaning head, but this didn’t happen. While the odd grain was left in the head, a quick shake dislodged it, and another pass sucked it up.

We also trialled it against the bane of vacuum cleaners – long hair. How much gets stuck in the power head, and can it easily be cleared? Unsurprisingly, there was a decent amount of hair tangled around the brush bar, but it was quick to remove the bar and cut the hair away.

Ease of use

We also sent the V10 home with two Consumer staff members who usually use corded vacuum cleaners. They quickly became converts, loving the V10’s versatility. Though they both found it a struggle getting into corners with the standard power head, the supplied edging tool attachment made light work of these tight areas.

The V10 comes with a wall mount for easy storage. It has a slot for the power cable, so it can charge when docked. You can also store attachments in the wall mount – but there’s only room for two, so you’ll have to pick your favourites.

The V10 handles nicely and manoeuvring it around furniture was a breeze. It’s well-balanced, with the motor and battery by the handle countering the weight of the head at the other end. It’s also not heavy for a stick vac (2.6kg).

Emptying the dustbin was fun – just point and shoot.

Because the V10 has a horizontal bin (unlike the vertical one in the V7 and V8), you need to remove the wand to empty it. However, emptying it was fun. The dustbin opens by pushing a lever along the canister towards the rubbish bin – just point and shoot.

The V10 is available as two variations: the Animal and the Absolute+. They’re both the same machine, but the Absolute+ comes with more attachments.

So are stick vacs ready to take over from larger corded vacuum cleaners? It depends. While our staff loved the V10 and our testing shows it’s very good at cleaning, similar in performance to the V7 and V8, like all stick vacs it’s held back by limited battery life and small dustbin. While it could easily replace a corded vacuum in smaller households, it’s still not ideal for larger ones. You just can’t clean the whole house in one go. And at $1100, it’s expensive, especially when you could buy two recommended corded vacuums for the same price.

Specs: Absolute+

Price: $1099
Claimed runtime: up to 60 minutes (on lowest power setting with non-motorised head)
Claimed charge time: 3.5 hours
Bin size: 0.76L


  • Direct drive cleaner head
  • Soft roller cleaner head (for hard floors)
  • Mini motorised tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Flexi crevice tool
  • Extension hose
  • Accessory storage bag

Specs: Animal

Price: $999
Claimed runtime: up to 60 minutes (on lowest power setting with non-motorised head)
Claimed charge time: 3.5 hours
Bin size: 0.76L


  • Direct drive cleaner head
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Combination tool
  • Mini motorised tool
  • Crevice tool

First Looks are trials of new and interesting products from the perspective of our product experts. Our lab-based tests offer truly objective product comparisons.

The V10 was loaned to the writer by Dyson.

Member comments

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Elaine S.
15 Apr 2020
Emptying and cleaning a Dyson stick vacuum cleaner

We have found it hard to get all the vacuumed-up rubbish out of the machine. We have one with a small storage space for rubbish, so it needs emptying often. To persuade the rubbish to come out, we have to use a stick (or knitting needle, or similar) to dislodge it. Every so often we need to dismantle the rubbish holder from the machine, & wash all the parts. This is far more complicated than should be necessary, & harder than an ordinary type of cleaner ever was! For the price of these things, I think it should be easy to empty & keep clean.
Since the last time we put it back together, it has refused to work - and now we will be up for a repair bill or just abandon it.

Lorna E S.
03 Jul 2019
Replaceable Battery Please

Everything about this vacuum cleaner sounds good except that the fact that when the battery is finished you chuck the whole machine. In this day and age???

Good design does not include built-in obsolescence.

Dear Sir James Dyson, please make one with a replaceable battery. Better still, establish a system where your company accepts the worn out batteries back and either rebuilds them or recycles them responsibly. Our world is quickly filling up with garbage.

Jim P.
01 Aug 2019
Cost of battery

Replacement battery is very Very expensive!

Richard T.
16 Oct 2019
Dyson V11

Noel Leeming is advertising a V11 on its web site. . I notice that the run time is still only 60 minutes, which was my main concer, so I have no idea of it has any significant advantages over the V10 Richard T

Allan J.
17 Oct 2019
Dyson Replacement Battery

We have 2 cordless Dyson stick vacuum cleaners (1 for the office & 1 at home) and their batteries are absolutely replaceable with the simple removal of 2 screws and takes less than 2 minutes & the replacement battery pack comes with installation instructions. Dyson service is first class delivery by Courier within 3 days. - Allan

Sue D.
25 May 2019
Dyson V10 - Absolutely !

I live in a house that is cut into the hill (Wellington) so three stories. I had an old vacuum cleaner that lost its suck! Well bought a Dyson V10, after agonizing about the cost, and it is brilliant. I find I don't clean the house in one go now as it is so easy and light to grab and do as required. Also it was a mission to clean the car - not any more. The suck is excellent and I find I do not need to use on max power, it is light but more importantly I am not having to stop and re plug into another power point. Bit like have a phone attached to the wall - you cannot go back !! The investment was so worth it. Have already encouraged one friend to invest and another friend is seriously considering it. I have never been so excited about purchasing an item that is not sport related !!

Stuart N.
19 May 2019
Dyson V10 question

So how long does it actually last on full power? Clearly not the 60 minutes claimed. I was hoping to get the full information from Consumer. Many people are complaining not very long at all - is this correct consumer?

Consumer staff
21 May 2019
Re: Dyson V10 question

Hi Stuart,

Measured at full power, the Dyson Absolute's measured running time is 8 minutes.

You can find full test results for the Dyson on our website:

The results are available to our members or those with a digital pass.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Gary K.
24 Nov 2018
Dyson VC59

We have been using this vacuum cleaner for 5 years and are extremely happy with its performance. When I purchased it my wife was concerned about the cost (it was around $600 at the time) but she is now so convinced about its performance and ease of use that she fully understands why Dyson has decided to concentrate on stick vacuum cleaners only. (Does anyone wish to buy our Electrolux Oxygen vacuum cleaner? 😇)

We have had to replace one bit—a removable bearing on one of the power heads (we have two: the deal included the animal head for cleaning upholstery) was lost. Purchasing a replacement was as simple as one phone call to give the agents the model number and the part number. I regularly clean it and although I have not yet attempted the more difficult task of dismantling the cover around the cyclones there are several videos on YouTube that show the technique. When it becomes necessary I will consult those videos.

We have found usage reasonably easy. On a few occasions we have flattened the battery. We are not young ourselves and anticipate the day when we will be able to clean one or two rooms ony at a time. In the meantime the 20-minute run time is more than enough for most of our purposes.

When it does reach the end of its life, I have little doubt it will be replaced by another Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Robin F.
11 Nov 2018
Dyson V10

We bought one after much consideration of your comments etc.If you don t do the whole house at once (because you are ancient) 1/2 hour more than enough.No cords to trip over and LIGHT. Impressed by engineering and detail. Used on cork carpets polished concrete and hard finish rag board performed most satisfactorily. Mounted charger bracket on portable plank with foot (reverse T) for convenience. We like it.
March 2019
We like it even more! Big house with variety of surfaces. The floors shine. And what is wrong with a charging break? It appears to show the benefits of a real engineers design.