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First Look: car scratch repair pen

A while back we let our Facebook followers choose which of 3 heavily advertised on TV products we would try.

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The three products were the Kleva Sharp knife sharpener, the Wet & Forget Tiger’s Paw shower glass restorer and the Fix It! Pro car scratch repair pen.

More than 70 people voted for the scratch repair pen, so we ordered it from the As Seen on TV online store for $34.99. Delivery was meant to take between 2 to 5 days but it arrived two weeks later.

We tried it on 3 scratches on a silver car. You apply it on the scratch, wipe off the excess and then let it cure in sunlight until it’s dry.

We applied it to half of a long scratch that was very shallow and were impressed with the result. It seemed to erase the half of the scratch we had used it on immediately.

However, it had no effect on the other two deeper scratches.

We took the car through a car wash to see if the repair would wash off.

We were surprised by the result. The scratch had not returned where we had applied the pen. But the half of the scratch we hadn’t used the pen on had got lighter as a result of taking it through the car wash, so the difference between both sides was not as obvious.

Does it work? In our experience, it does work on very light scratches but anything deeper will still need a panel beater. Given the car wash did nearly as good a job as the pen did on the light scratch, it could be worth giving a scratch a buff before turning to the pen.

First Looks are trials of new or interesting products from the perspective of our product experts. Our lab-based tests offer truly objective product comparisons.

Shallow scratch


Deeper scratch