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First Look: Kambrook Blitz2Go

The Kambrook Blitz2Go is a compact blender for making smoothies and shakes.

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It conveniently blends the ingredients in a removable drink bottle - perfect for busy mornings. The narrow drink bottle also fits into most car cupholders so you can simply blend and go.


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The Blitz2Go comes with only a pulse action, which delivers intermittent bursts of power that the instructions warn should be used for only 30 seconds at a time. We found it did a good job of blitzing various fresh and frozen fruits into smoothies but if you like to “drink your greens”, you’ll need a beefier blender – the Blitz2Go didn’t have the grunt needed to properly blend coarse vegetables like kale. It also struggled to adequately process the nuts and seeds we added to smoothies – they remained unpleasantly gritty.

The Blitz2Go can also blend ice cubes to a slushy consistency as long as you add water.

Ease of use

We found the Blitz2Go easy to use. It’s a small lightweight unit that’s easily stored and simple to assemble and operate. To use, throw your chosen ingredients into the bottle, screw on the blade assembly, slot it on to the blending unit and blend. It comes with one 300mL and two 600mL bottles. Extras can be bought separately.

We found the Blitz2Go easy to clean, though care must be taken when removing the rubber seal around the blade. We found the thin rubber seals on the blade assembly and on the bottles difficult to remove for washing. Replacing the seal was also fiddly. Watch you don’t cut your fingers on the blade!

Our verdict

The Blitz2Go is convenient and does a great job of blending smoothies. It's a decent, reasonably priced alternative to some of the more expensive, more powerful models on the market. But it has limitations – it’s only suitable for blending drinks and it can’t cope with heavy-duty vegetables like kale or nuts.

Kambrook Blitz2Go Blender KBL20
Price: $80

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