First Look: Nellie’s WOW Mop

Nellie’s WOW Mop promises to make the task “so easy, you might never want to stop”.

WOW Mop being used on hardwood floor

I’m forever looking for excuses to get out of cleaning my floors.

However, Nellie’s WOW Mop promises to make the task “so easy, you might never want to stop”. Call me a sceptic, but I didn’t think I’d ever be keen on being in a state of perpetual mopping. This bold cleaning call needs further investigation.

The details

The WOW mop is somewhere between a steam mop and an old-fashioned mop and bucket. It doesn’t produce steam, but has an on-board tank for spraying water, or cleaning chemicals, just in front and directly underneath the cleaning head at the press of a button. It has rechargeable batteries, which means you’re not tied down with power cords.

The WOW cleans by using oscillating pads to scrub the floor. When I turned on the mop I must admit it put a smile on my face as two little headlights came on and the pads began wigwagging back and forth. It seemed like it was dancing on the spot and incredibly eager to start cleaning.

When I took it out of the box, some basic assembly was required (I had to connect the handle, then attach it to the mop head. I was done and dusted in five minutes). The mop head is large – about the size of a cereal box. It needs to be as it houses the batteries, motor and water tank.

Underneath are two feet where you attach the cleaning pads. It’s just a Velcro strip that secures the machine-washable pads in place.

The test

To assess cleaning prowess, I put the WOW mop up against my steam mop, affectionately known as Old Steamy. I assembled a cleaning obstacle course on the lino in my bathroom and counted the passes needed to remove my stains: two identical runs of tomato sauce, cat food and mud that had been left for the day to dry out and really set on to the floor.

While the WOW mop cleared the mud easily after the first pass, with nothing left at the original spot, it did leave an unsightly muddy streak. I needed several extra passes to get rid of it.

Both mops made short work of the cat food, but after I’d cleaned it with the WOW mop, I could still smell Seafood Sensation. I felt the need to re-clean. After checking out the Nellie’s website, I found you can fill the tank with any liquid cleaning chemicals (I’d just used plain-old water as the supplied instructions advised), something that would likely have fixed the smelly situation.

Though both mops easily dealt to my sauce stain, the WOW slightly outperformed Old Steamy.

The WOW mop was very easy to manoeuvre. The oscillation made it “glide” without much effort. That said, pressing down on the handle caused the motor to struggle – I just had to let it bear the brunt of the cleaning effort while I focused on steering the thing. The steam mop required much more elbow grease to remove the dried-on mud.

Overall, the WOW took fewer passes and required less effort – except for the botched cat food cleaning. The only difference was that there was more water left on the lino from the WOW mop. In spite of this, it wasn’t wet to the point where I felt the need to dry it.

The verdict

There’s definitely a place for the Nellie’s WOW Mop and I’d consider it as a replacement when Old Steamy finally throws in the towel. It’s easier to use and I appreciated not being tied to a power point. It really put in all the cleaning effort while I just needed to move the mop from one place to another. However, its large mop head struggled to get into tight spaces.


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kristelle p.
01 Apr 2021
wooden floors

Kia ora James - is the nellies wow mop good for wooden floors please? A steam mop is not. Thanks.