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First Look: Sunbeam Slice + Ice

The Sunbeam Slice + Ice pitches itself as a versatile appliance. It can be used to create frozen desserts and it can slice, shred and grate fruits and vegetables. It's a lightweight appliance with interchangeable blades for slicing and grating, and a screw rod for turning frozen fruit into soft serve-style desserts. Is it a must-have for your kitchen?

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We tested the Slice + Ice by making several different frozen desserts and by slicing and grating apple, cucumber, carrot, onion and cabbage. We found the Slice + Ice easy to operate, although it's noisy and could move around on the bench if bumped.


When it comes to slicing there are three blades to choose from: a coarse grater/shredder, a thin-slicing blade and a thick-slicing blade. Fruit and vegetables are fed into the chute using the food pusher (which doubles as the blades’ storage box). It's very good at grating carrot and cucumber, but some pressure was needed to push carrots through the chute. We also found some cucumber jammed as well.

… + ice

To make frozen desserts, you place a bowl under the dispenser then feed your slightly thawed fruit into the chute. You'll get the best results and a creamy consistency if you use frozen bananas as a base. Adding small cubes of frozen coconut cream or yoghurt gives a creamy taste and texture.

Although the dessert is processed in minutes, there’s a bit of preparation involved. You need to peel and freeze your fruit at least four hours in advance, then wait 10 minutes for the ingredients to thaw sufficiently before feeding them through.

Things to consider

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Overall, the Slice + Ice does what it says it will but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • The Slice + Ice isn’t suitable for making dessert for a crowd because it shouldn't continuously run for more than a minute at a time and can only take 500g of frozen fruit in each use.

  • Ingredients can build up in the chute as you go.

  • You need to do some preparation first – the chute is reasonably small so you need to chop ingredients to fit. Hard skins, like apple peel, must be removed before grating.

  • It's not designed to grate hard cheese or chocolate.

We say

The Slice + Ice is good for small families who want to prepare healthy desserts and salads but it's not a must-have for the kitchen, especially if you already own a decent food processor. It lacks grunt and can only process a limited range of ingredients.

Sunbeam Slice + Ice FC2000
RRP $149.99

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