Blue Woollip travel pillow

First Look: Woollip travel pillow

Travelling is a pain in the neck. All you can really hope for is good entertainment and decent meals. As for forty winks? You’re dreaming, right?


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Enter the Woollip ($79.95 from Marketing for this inflatable pillow claims it helps you find your “ideal sleeping position”. When you’re napping upright, gravity pulls your head forward. Instead of stopping this, the Woollip encourages you to go with the flow by leaning on it, with your face resting in a hole, rather than wedging it on top of your shoulders as you would with a neck pillow.

Turbulence ahead

As I didn’t have any overseas jaunts on the horizon, I asked two workmates to put it to the test – one on a trip across the ditch, the other on a marathon 36 hours to the UK. Both cited the Woollip’s size as its biggest downfall. “It’s so huge it warrants its own seat reservation,” one said.

Fully inflated, the Woollip’s a cumbersome 48x31x28cm and, after plonking it on the tray table and slipping their arms through the sides, neither had much wiggle room and, when they couldn’t get comfy, they stuffed the deflated pillow under the seat in front, leaving little room for their feet.

Their verdict? The Woollip’s full of hot air.

Rocking the boat

As for me? I hauled the Woollip across the Cook Strait on the ferry. It’s an early start when sailing from Wellington to Picton and back in one day, so I was confident the Sandman would work his magic. Indeed, shortly after snuggling up with it I nodded off.

After my experience, I’m on board (a ferry’s more spacious than an aircraft so it’s easier to find that sweet spot) – but for my two colleagues, the Woollip was unwelcome excess baggage that didn’t go the distance.