Flight been cancelled by fuel shortage?
19 September 2017

Flight been cancelled by fuel shortage?

The airline should rebook you on the next available service.

If your flight’s cancelled due to the jet fuel shortage at Auckland airport, the airline should be rebooking you on the next available service.

Air New Zealand and Jetstar are contacting affected customers and rebooking their flights. If you’d prefer to delay travel until a later date, ask the airline for a refund.

However, you’ll have to rely on travel insurance to cover out-of-pocket costs, such as accommodation. Civil aviation rules mean airlines aren’t required to compensate passengers for delays caused by events outside their control.

If you’ve taken out travel insurance, check your policy for details of cover. Most comprehensive policies cover travel and accommodation deposits if your trip is cancelled for reasons beyond your control.

They also provide allowances for extra costs, such as accommodation, if your travel is interrupted for more than a set period. Keep receipts for expenses if you need to make a claim.

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