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1 September 2016

Fly Buys and Airpoints going own ways

Another reminder of how the rules can change on you.

Fly Buys members won’t be able to put their points towards Airpoints from next month.

Fly Buys and Airpoints are going their own ways after six years of Fly Buys members being able to convert their accumulated points into Airpoints Dollars. From 17 October, shoppers will need to decide whether to swipe their Fly Buys card or Airpoints card when shopping at stores that offer both, such as Mitre 10, New World and Z.

It’s another reminder loyalty schemes can change the rules on you. Farmers Card changed how its points system worked in July.

While loyalty schemes are heavily promoted, you should regularly check if these schemes are still benefitting you. Businesses have plenty to gain, including being able to gather lots of data about you, but the benefits to consumers can be slim to none.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says “our research has found you have to spend big to earn big with loyalty schemes.

There’s no point spending just to earn points: if an item is cheaper elsewhere, buy it and pass up the points".

Air New Zealand said it will focus on allowing customers to earn Airpoints Dollars at more shops.

Hamish Mitchell, the chief strategy and growth officer at Loyalty NZ, (the company that runs Fly Buys), was quoted by Fairfax last week saying the scheme would move towards letting people use their points like cash.

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