Ford Focus cars recalled over fuel tank fault

4284 cars need to be checked for issue.

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Ford is recalling 4284 Ford Focus cars manufactured between April 2011 and September 2015 because of a fuel tank fault that could cause a fuel leak.

To find out if your car is affected, enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into Ford's vehicle recall database. Your VIN can be found on a metal plate fixed to the car body under the bonnet.

Ford NZ spokesman Tom Clancy said the problem was with the fuel tank ventilation system.

"The pipes responsible for the air intake can potentially inhale small particles of dust and, in a small number of circumstances, become blocked. If the pipes become blocked, the fuel tank vacuum levels could cause the fuel tank to crack, resulting in a fuel leak," he said.

There haven't been any reports of cars catching fire associated with the recall in New Zealand or Australia and Ford said it didn't believe there was a big enough risk to stop people driving their cars. Signs of a problem include fluctuating fuel gauges, fuel odours and fuel leaks.

Ford is writing to all affected customers asking them to make an appointment with their Ford dealer. The cars will have their fuel tanks inspected and fixed if found to have the problem. Customers can also call 0800 FORD NZ.

For the latest vehicle recalls, visit You can also search NZTA’s Safety Recalls Database to check if your vehicle has been recalled.

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