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Foss announces review of taxi rules

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss has announced a review of the rules under which small passenger services operate, a day after Uber asked its members to put pressure on the government.


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Uber, the controversial service that matches riders with drivers using an app, emailed its members on Monday.

“Craig Foss is the Minister responsible for these outdated regulations and he needs to hear the same feedback we do everyday,” the email said.

It detailed incidents where a police officer stopped Uber cars in Auckland and made the passengers get out. Uber has complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

“These events have been based on the NZTA's narrow interpretation of legislation created at a time when technology like Uber's didn't exist,” the Uber email said.

“There are a range of views that need to be taken into account and a number of implications to consider. I have asked officials to conduct a review of the relevant regulatory framework, to be completed by mid-2015.”

Any change to legislation would include a consultation process.

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