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30 September 2014

Get your finances fighting fit

Events will be held across NZ as part of Money Week.

Getting in shape to run a marathon takes hard work – determination, commitment and a whole lot of effort. But help from a coach, teammates or training partners can push you that bit further towards achieving your goals.

It’s the same with your money. To make the most of what you have – and to get to where you want to be – you need your money to be fighting fit. This year’s Money Week is the ideal time to take your money out for a run around the block and make it do a few push-ups as well.

Money Week is 13-19 October and it’s run by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. A series of money-themed events and activities is being held across the country to get Kiwis looking at their finances and making their money fighting fit.

The commission says New Zealanders have high levels of knowledge on money matters. But it feels we have some habits that stop us performing as well as we could. Some detox and toning-up are what we need.

Money Week will have something for everyone – whatever level of financial fitness you're at. Check out, where you’ll find all the Money Week events happening near you.

Here at Consumer, we’ll be supporting you with tips and advice from our “finance coaches”. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter, emails and website.

Remember what it takes to get your money fighting fit: determination, commitment, effort. Those motivating phrases really help – and so does inspiration from those around you.

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by Kate Sluka

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