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22 October 2014

Glassons under fire again, this time over ad

Criticism mounts on retailer's Facebook page.

Glassons is under fire again today, but this time over their new ad that features a model riding a bull.

More than 100 people have taken to the retailer’s Facebook page expressing their outrage at the decision to use rodeo to market their clothing.

The controversy comes just days after Glassons removed mannequins with protruding ribs from its stores.

Here’s a look at what people are saying:

Helen Mihajlovic‎
Your bull ad sucks! I was going to buy a pair of pant from you today but after SAFE has let me know you won't be removing your current add promoting animal abuse I won't be shopping with you again. Please rethink you stance.

Marie Slade‎
Glassons, you need to up your game, girls riding bulls for fashion equals dumb. My teenage kids were shocked you used an animal that way. Not the right way to impress your consumers.

Jay Rich‎
Youre new add is a disgrace Glassons. You may think any publicity is good publicity but youve got that wrong - when it comes to animal rights you will find more people who care about that than care about being loyal shoppers to you. You blew it big time.

But some have also taken to the Facebook page to support Glassons:

Paddy Nolan Comber
Love your new ad! Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Everyone involved in the rodeo circuit would love it too. Ignore all the negativity, some people just have no idea! Love your shop, will continue to shop with you guys. I don't know why an ad would stop people from buying your clothes anyway haha. Keep up the good work!!

You can watch the ad on YouTube.

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