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Research report
6 February 2013

Green cleaning products

Companies investigated over “green” claims.

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Peter G.
23 Apr 2020
Please test microfibre cleaning systems that claim great results with just water.

I use a mixture of conventional cleaning products and Mircofibre chemical free system for different cleaning jobs at home. I think the microfibre system works pretty good on floors and bench tops but I still like a spray and wipe for the bathroom. How about some testing and recomendations. Are the cheap microfibre cloths as good as the expensive ENJO products?

09 Jan 2020
Test Norwex Please, and all cleaners that promise killing 99.9% germs/bacteria

I have always suspected Norwex cloths claims are misleading. Most of all that they eliminate 99.9% bacteria, like other cleaners claims, but ONLY with water, yet they sell all kinds of "friendlier/greener" cleaners alongside their cloths. Is this true? Nowhere can I find proof.

Ray H.
07 Mar 2017
How about Melaleuca and Norwex products?

Can Consumer please test these products or see from their list of ingredients (or lack of transparency in listing all their ingredients) if they are as "natural" and "green" and "safer" as they claim to be? They are also very expensive products that claim to be good for you and your family, and good for the environment. Thanks

Joanne C.
24 Feb 2015
Green Cleaning

I clean my whole house using either Enjo cleaning cloths/mop (uses only water and enjoys 'marble paste' for soap scum), and bicarb & vinegar for toilets. I get great results and it saves me money and reduces the number of chemicals I use and waste I produce. I highly recommend it.

Yvonne D T.
17 May 2015

I have just looked at the Enjo website and though their products sound really good, they are extremely expensive, especially the cloths. These are probably out of reach of the average person's budget.