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Hair-dye ingredient banned

A substance used in hair dyes has been banned because there’s a lack of information about its safety.


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The ingredient, o-aminophenol, has been added to a list of prohibited substances as a result of recent changes to the Cosmetic Products Group Standard. Retailers have been given 12 months to remove products containing o-aminophenol from shop shelves.

Other amendments to the standard – which is administered by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) – will require manufacturers to provide batch and source information on cosmetic labels from 1 July 2014.

And from 1 July 2015, nanomaterials in cosmetic products must also be identified on the label. There are significant unknowns about the safety of some nanomaterials. At a minimum, products containing these materials should be labelled. We're pleased the EPA has recognised this – even though there’s a three-year wait before the changes are implemented.