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Recall: Haka Bodyshock


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The problem

The following mouthguards may pose a choking hazard due to an adhesive weakness where the different coloured sections join:

  • Haka Bodyshock Mouthguard Dual Colour Senior
  • Haka Bodyshock Mouthguard Dual Colour Junior
  • Haka Bodyshock Mouthguard Dual Colour Fluoro Senior
  • Haka Bodyshock Mouthguard Dual Colour Fluoro Junior


These mouthguards are sold exclusively at The Warehouse. Serial numbers on the side of the plastic container identify the affected products:

  • 9400007474414
  • 9400007474421
  • 9420043600622
  • 9420043600639

What to do

  • Stop using the mouthguard immediately.
  • Return it to The Warehouse for a full refund, with or without a receipt.
  • If you want more information about this recall phone 0800 422 274 during business hours or contact any Warehouse Ltd store.

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