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30 September 2019

Household battery recycling

Is it worth recycling your AAAs and 9Vs?

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Paul W.
04 Apr 2021
Dry cell batteries

In Europe and Asia, most retailers of electronic goods will have a drop-bin for expired batteries, phones etc. why cannot this be made obligatory in New Zealand?

Peter & Patricia
10 Oct 2020
hearing aid batteries

Further to the mention of a few "chains" I think most of the smaller or independent audiology clinics will happily accept used hearing aid batteries. Here in Christchurch, for example, Sincock & Till accept them, as well as the Hearing Aid Society.

On a different note, hopefully this will become yesterday's problem, with the increasing uptake of rechargeable hearing aids now coming onto the market.

- Peter in Christchurch

Diana Z.
23 Dec 2019
Please cover all regions

A very useful article but as a Southland-based paying member of many years I am disappointed that you did not cover all 16 regions of New Zealand.

Consumer staff
07 Jan 2020
Re: Please cover all regions

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your feedback. As part of our research for this feature, we did look for household battery drop-off points in all 67 city and district council areas around the country, including Gore, Invercargill and Southland. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any drop-off points in these areas, which is why none are listed. The Gore District Council website advised the nearest drop-off point was in Dunedin. However, if there is a battery recycling scheme in the Southland area, the writer would be grateful to receive this information.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Peter & Patricia
10 Oct 2020
more recycle areas please

I agree with the previous post; we don't all live in Auckland...

Peter in Christchurch

John R.
16 Oct 2019
Well after time to dispose of these environmentally

Having spent a good few years in Switzerland where all sellers of batteries are required by law to collect on behalf of manufacturers who are mandated to recycle, waiting for New Zealand to legislate for a similar requirement here. Sure there are some who would pooh-pooh this rather like an iridescent light-bulb phase-out, but there is simply nothing bad in making this pollution history by requiring the manufactures and sellers clean up theirs acts.

Kerry M.
13 Oct 2019
Battery Recycling

we had a dead battery from a stick vacuum. Rang the local council (Waipa). They said we don't know, ring your rubbish collection company. Rand the head office in Hamilton. "Ring you local transfer station". Transfer station said we don't recycle batteries, so the battery went into the weekly rubbish collection???

Karen H.
12 Oct 2019
Drop off points for Batteries

I have just returned from the UK. and most of the supermarkets were we were staying accepted batteries.
this supermarkets in the UK have been doing this for a little while now.
as we are supposed to be this clean green country, then why has it taken so long to catch up with the rest of the world?
most people use the supermarket at least once a fortnight, this would be an ideal drop off point.

Cindi S.
12 Oct 2019
Where to recycle ?

Surely the Council Hazardous Waste section should include a Batts Bin.
Why the supermarkets ? Should we give them our used milk bottles as well ??
Yes, users may have to pay for discarding batts. They used & enjoyed them, so why not. Council rates already stretched.

The sooner we all get onto rechargeables, the less we discard & pollute.

Allan L.
02 Oct 2019
Battery Recycling

There would appear to be a lot of work for many if not most Councils to do. Abysmal spread of drop off points and see why so few separate them from their waste. Need some outta the box thinking.