24 November 2021

How to add your vaccine pass to your phone's home screen

Our step-by-step guide to making your Covid check-in simple on both Android and iOS phones.

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David M.
28 Nov 2021
It's just a PDF isn't it?

I don't get why this has to be so complicated. I got my pass yesterday. Opened it on my Android phone using Adobe Acrobat and "starred" (favourited) it so it's easy to find. Just open Acrobat, tap the favourite icon and there it is. What's all this hassle about using wallet apps about?

Karen B.
28 Nov 2021

Thanks Nick, that was super helpful :-)

Judy M.
28 Nov 2021
Save the pass to Notes on iPhone

Easier to click on the pass, tap the Share icon, choose Notes and Save. Pass is in your notes.

Damian P.
28 Nov 2021
International Travel Vax Certificate

What about adding the International Travel Vaccination Certificate?

Faye T.
28 Nov 2021
Vaccine Pass on my iPhone

Way too complicated to follow. instructions flashing past. could to follow

Minh Hieu T.
27 Nov 2021
Way too complex !!

Just screenshot the QR code on the pass. Add a shortcut to the screenshot on your home screen with https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/119000/access-image-file-from-home-screen

Jenny M.
27 Nov 2021
What the…?

I’m struggling to understand any of these instructions so goodness knows how older, less tech-savvy people are going to manage it (not that I’m tech-savvy myself). I think I’ll just screenshot the pass. The government needs to come up with less confusing, more user-friendly solutions!

Jim V.
27 Nov 2021
to home page on android

If Google Pay is not working (never has on my Huawai) download the vaccine cert from gmail to Google drive, open it from there, scroll down and "Save to home screen"

Anika G.
27 Nov 2021
Quick Hints on how to get your pass and use it.

1. Don't bother trying to use RealMe, the process asks for your ID anyway. You may as well just use the other way, and have your photo ID ready. It's less stress overall.

2. Once you have access to your pass, get it printed, get lots printed. Cover them in plastic - duraseal, laminate, packing tape (the clear one of course). Put one in your car, one in your wallet, and if you have a clear case on your phone, chuck one in the back of your phone ready for super fast scanning.

3. OK, so you want to look digitally up with the play, I get that, if you can bring up the pass on your phone, learn how to do a screenshot, on most Samsungs it's the volume down+power button (and you may need to try a few times for it to click). This will save it as a photo in your photo app, like gallery, and it's always there for you to use. If you can master how to use 'My Files' and click on Images, it should be the first image you see, you can then create a shortcut to that image onto your phone's homepage (select the image by pushing your finger (long press) on the image listing until a tick appears on the left of it, click on the 3 dots/hamburger menu button, and click on 'Add to home screen', so you don't have to go looking for it in the photo app.
4. Finally, if you are really up against it, want it on your phone, but can't get it on your phone, take a photo of it with your phone - this is best done from a printed copy rather than one off screen, and you should test it works before relying on it, but, presuming it's a decent photo, it should work ok.

Me personally, I'm printing it out and putting it in the back of my clear case phone. And I'm tech savvy! It's just faster, and means while they are scanning me, I can prepare my phone to scan them (well, their covid location code that is!).
Good luck!

Margaret C.
28 Nov 2021
No problem with RealMe

I found no problem using RealMe; it was much simpler than any other method. But that's asssuming you set up RealMe properly in the first place, which involved a trip to a PostShop to show ID... fortunately, I did that long before COVID arrived. It's been useful for several things since then.

Bruce H.
27 Nov 2021
Google Pay demands a screen lock

I've never been a fan for Google Pay and don't use it. I had no trouble downloading the card into GPay -but then it refuses to open the card until I install a screen lock, which I'm not prepared to do for personal reasons. Which means I can't take the next step.
Given that the card also comes in a pdf attached to the email, which can then be screen-shotted, trimmed and saved as a bitmap (and which incidentally can be quickly edited to falsify your details tho not the QR), they seem to have made the whole process unnecessarily difficult.

Michelle G.
27 Nov 2021
Process is cumbersome and not integrated

I have had a RealMe for about 6 years now. The Ministry of Health Vaccine Passport thing isn't integrated with RealMe *at all* even though it alleges RealMe can be used. I had to:
1. login with RealMe
2. get a verification text message to my phone
3. enter the code
4. lodge my email address
5. get a verification email sent
6. enter the code

And then I'm still asked for ID. Then it logged me out for some reason.

What is the point of asking me for RealMe if it's not going to be used at all? Why isn't the system set up for using RealMe when that was the point of RealMe in the first place (not having to give the same details to repeated govt departments)?

I'm going to wait until I am prevented from doing something on the basis of not having the passport. As it's only valid for 6 months, it seems to be a lot of effort for something that has a short usefulness period.

Finally, why was I basically ordered by the vaccination centre to hold onto my purple card when apparently that card is going to be ignored? It's as much evidence of my status and who I am compared to the passport. I wish someone would hold the Ministry of Health's feet over the coals for this.

Philip W.
27 Nov 2021
Android app

Quite stupid actually. This should be set up without the need to be a member of google. Why can't it be loaded as with the Covid tracer app. This doesn't need Google pay or for me to join google.

Anne S.
27 Nov 2021
No email on phone

How do you get the pass into your phone if you don’t have it set up for receiving emails?

Anne S.
27 Nov 2021
Apple Wallet

I don’t have a credit card in my iPhone wallet but successfully added the pass onto the second window of my wallet

Chris R.
27 Nov 2021
Cant follow these instructions make me dizzy.

I like the idea from other members. Take a screen shot and store on the home page of my phone or print out the document and laminate.
No way am I giving Google or Apple Pay my visa details to keep !!!

Robin A.
27 Nov 2021
These instructions only work if you're reading the email on your phone.

I don't have email on my phone. I read my emails on a laptop or iPad. The instructions given in this article will only work if you're reading the email from the Ministry of Health on your actual phone.

Also, every time I tap the vaccine pass shortcut on the home screen of my Android phone, I have to enter my PIN number. This is going to get annoying if we have to do it several times a day.

Fiona G.
27 Nov 2021
Screenshot it and save as a photo

I've taken a screenshot of the pass and saved it in its own folder on my phone. Quick and easy to find and open

Edward R.
27 Nov 2021
Google Pay ... mmmm, perhaps not!

I am not sure that Consumer should be suggesting the use of Google Pay as a way of getting your pass on to your Android phone. If you look online at the Pay app reviews on Google's Play store, by far the majority of people who have posted recently are complaining bitterly about how poor the app is, and giving it a rating of only 1 star out of 5. Apparently Google replaced the original app with a new version recently, and that new one has quite a few failings!
That also is quite apart from the point another member has already made ... why should you have to give credit card details to Google just so that you can upload the V/certificate to your phone?
I have gone down the dual route of both printing the certificate AND saving the emailed .pdf document on to my phone, with a link to that on the Home screen.

Janet G.
27 Nov 2021
Needing a password

I have My Vaccine Pass on the home page of my Android phone. However when I tap on it it comes up with a blank page until I put in my password. The problem is, it doesn't always give me the option of putting in the password, so I have to keep going in and out until the password option comes up, and that will be a problem when I have to use it out in the world. HELP!

David P.
27 Nov 2021
Vaccine Pass deleted at Android update.

My wife and I put the Pass on our Samsung Home Screens. Last night there was a large Android update. We found that both of us had lost the pass, and we had to reinstall it from Google Pay.

It is probably worth adding a warning to this article.

Also, I agree that the animated instructions are far too fast.

David C.
27 Nov 2021
Or you could take the simple approach...

...and just print it out, laminate it (it's credit card sized) and put a copy in your physical wallet.

G R J.
27 Nov 2021
Rapidly Changing screenshots

The screenshots in the instructions are changing on about a 1 to 2 SECOND cycle, hand are not only impossible to comprehend they are distracting and meaningless. I have not come across anything quite like them anywhere else.

27 Nov 2021
Animated directions

Get rid of the animated directions which are very frustrating, and hard to figure out.
These are instructions not an advertisement or a puzzle.

Kay R.
27 Nov 2021
Screenshots too fast for older generation to comprehend

I love pictures to help things work but your screenshots go through so fast I can’t comprehend them, is there any way of slowing them down?

Cheryl S.
27 Nov 2021
Disappearing icon

3 in our family have their vaccine passes disappearing. On a S20, S10 and another samsung new. Mine on the 20SE has at least stayed there for 2 days so interested to hear any suggestions.

Paul W
27 Nov 2021
Same problem

I have a new Galaxy 52s and the Passport deletes it's self from the home screen every day or two.

Barbara M.
27 Nov 2021
Same here

Hubby and I have same phone samsung A51. Shortcut stays on mine, but disappears on his.

Diane H.
27 Nov 2021
Disappearing Pass

Yes having the same problem with the Pass disappearing and having to download it again.
Samsung A50

Lyn B.
27 Nov 2021

I am unable to save the app to my wallet by using the "Add to Wallet" button followed by the "Add" button on my iPhone 7 with software version 15.1


Neil N.
27 Nov 2021
Adding Vaccine Pass

I was unable to add from the gmail app but it added easily from the iPhone's MAIL app.

John R.
27 Nov 2021
How do I set up Google Pay without loading my credit card details?

As far as I can tell, the assumption is everybody will want to have a major financial instrument on their phone. I don't but I'd still like to load the vaccination image on my phone using that method.
How do I do that?

L M.
24 Nov 2021
Disappearing My Vaccine icon

I saved the pass to my home page on my Samsung phone successfully. However every day or so the icon disappears. All my other apps are there but when I turn my phone on in the morning the app icon has vanished after having been there all day previously. So I go through all the steps again.

Jan-Marie K.
24 Nov 2021
Vanishing icon

I also had mine disappear after adding it. Was working fine and it was there all day then the next day it had vanished. Also disappears if I restart the phone, Samsung S21 phone.
I just did a Google search and disappearing shortcuts is a known issue for Android. I've added a shortcut to Google Pay instead and that seems to be staying so far. It's an extra step - open google Pay then click the vaccine pass but still quite easy. It survived a restart, hopefully will still be there tomorrow.