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21 November 2019

How to compare and choose a real estate agent

Our step-by-step guide and checklist to choosing the right real estate agent for your house sale.

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Lewis S.
25 Jan 2020
Other things to look for

Just sold our house!

Some notes
1. Different agent's companies have different styles - for example (in Wellington) one agency brings every agent through your house as soon as it is listed (the work more as a team) Another seems that every agent acts on there own - but with some internal comms. Some prefer auctions, some closed tenders - some open tenders. Some have better IT solutions (eg bigger spread of your house on facebook etc

Hope this helps

24 Nov 2019
When buying, what do I look for in an estate agent?

When buying a house, is the agent working for me?
What can I expect from the agent? Is he working for me if I have approached the agency for assistance in finding a property?
In the past, when buying under the tender process, I was under considerable pressure from the house agent that I was dealing with, to push my offer price up a bit more, to ensure I was paying the highest tendered price. I became suspicious that somehow the agent was getting a commission if the purchase price topped $500,00.00. I held my ground and did purchase the house at MY tendered price. Yet he was the agent who sold my previous house, and was now helping me to find a new house, he was NOT the agent selling the house I was purchasing, though it was the same agency.

Barbara S.
25 Nov 2019
Agent's obligation is to work for the party that is paying the commission

Hi Josie, Congratulations on securing your new home! I just wanted to clarify the agent's obligations under the law for you.
Unless you are paying the agent a commission to act for you as a buyer's agent, by law the agent has a duty to work for the vendor (who is paying the commission). That said, under the Code of Conduct (rule 6.2) 'all licensees are required to act in good faith and deal fairly with all parties engaged in a transaction'. Whilst the agent should not put you 'under duress' they will be encouraging you to pt your best offer in. Also bear in mind that in the case of a tender, the vendor will elect to negotiate and potentially transact with the party that has put forward the most favourable tender so it was in your best interests to put in your best offer. In this case you secured your chosen home, but if your offer had been topped and you had lost out on the property you may have felt that the agent had given you poor advice...

James G.
23 Nov 2019
Mike Pero - Debbie Webster

We recently sold through Debbie Webster at Mike Pero. I have to say I have NEVER seen an agent work so hard to sell a property (and we’ve had a LOT of agents work for us in the past). Deb was honest (a rare find in a property agent), up front, no BS, hard working, energetic and most importantly, open to discuss commission rates and strategies. We had listed this particular property with two other local agents in the past and Debbie put more effort in than the others combined and was the only agent to come forward with realistic offers which then led to the sale. The buyers are very happy with their new home and we are happy with the sale. If you have the opportunity, hit Debbie up for your next sale, once you meet ‘Deb the Web’ you’ll understand why we feel she is one of the best local agents.
Up front and honest, a rare combination in Real Estate Agents!

Peter & Patricia
23 Nov 2019
Deb Webster location?

hi James - what town or city do you live in?