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Research report
10 January 2020

How we test floor cleaners

How we separate the good from the bad.

To find which floor cleaners get the job done, we test them in our independent lab. Here’s how we do it.

How we choose what we test

We aim to test brands and products you’re likely to see when you head to the shops, plus some you might not be aware of.

Before we buy anything, we do our research: we visit stores, both online and physically; we talk to experts and consumers; and we ask manufacturers about their products. We want to capture new developments in the market and make sure the products we test will be available after we publish our results.

We then compile a list of products and head out to purchase them, just as any consumer would.

How we test

Floor cleaners are first diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The lab uses special pre-soiled white ceramic tiles. The tiles are then cleaned using a mechanical scrubbing apparatus. Reflectance readings are measured before and after cleaning, using a spectrophotometer, to determine the overall score, which is a measure of dirt removal. Each cleaner is tested 8 times and the results are averaged.

Ready to buy?

Find out how to choose the right product with our buying guide, or view our test results to see which we recommend.

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G & M
27 Jan 2020
floor cleaners

I had to move my stove out & clean the floor after removing a dried-out fish fillet that stank the kitchen out. I used Ajax floor cleaner to remove the smell. I could tell the water was doing a good job of cleaning, but it didn't disguise the smell.

Lynsie Anne M.
25 Jan 2020
Meths and boiling water

Boil your kettle and put in a bucket, add about a quarter cup(a good slurp) of meths and clean with a squeegee mop. Work quickly to get it done while the water is still hot and it dries quickly. Works well on timber floors too without leaving excess water (bad for the wood) and there's no buildup. Cheap too.

25 Jan 2020
I use diluted carpet cleaner

For years now I have only used 500ml of water and 1 (milk-bottle sized) capful from a container of carpet shampoo. I put it in a spray bottle and I spray and wipe the floor clean by hand. The floor is clean, marks come off easily and it dries quickly with no residue. I use it on ceramic tiles, bamboo, wood floor and vinyl. (And, of course, I use it to spot clean carpet marks as well!)