Hurricane Spin Duster and Spin Broom

The Hurricane Spin Duster and Spin Broom promise easier cleaning but fail to deliver.

Hurricane Spin Duster and Spin Broom

Infomercials often promise the latest innovations, but these two “As seen on TV” products just don’t live up to their hype.

While they might be “As seen on TV”, many of these products are also available from The Warehouse. So, in an attempt to get a head start on my spring cleaning, I tried the Hurricane Spin Duster and Hurricane Spin Broom.

Hurricane Spin Duster

I started with the Spin Duster, which is a microfibre dusting brush on a spinning stick that’s powered by four AA batteries. The idea is the fibres pick up and hold on to dust. You can then easily clean the duster heads by running them under the tap. It has two heads: one for cleaning large areas and a second that’ll get into smaller spaces, such as between ornaments. Each head can be attached to the supplied 42cm extension pole or handheld unit.

Straight up, this product is a waste of money. It has one speed and dusts only in the sense that it moves dust around. You’re just flicking dust into the air that’ll resettle once you turn your back. The only benefit I could see is the extender pole could be handy for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, or for those with mobility issues. It would be nice to say the Duster was easy to clean but, as nothing stuck to it, I can’t confirm that.

Price: $39

Hurricane Spin Broom

I had high hopes for the Spin Broom. It uses round brushes to sweep dirt and debris towards a central brush and collection bin. The brushes spin when you push down as the wheels move along the floor. However, it can only be used on hard floors, where the wheels can get traction. While it does sweep, my hopes were dashed as it didn’t do anything I couldn’t with a dustpan and brush.

The Broom’s brushes protrude out of its front corners, so they can get into tight areas and flick out dust. However, I also found they pushed some dirt diagonally forward, well out of the central brush’s range, so this wouldn’t get swept up. I sometimes ended up sweeping in a full circle chasing escaping dirt. The brushes were also thin, easy to bend and seemed like they could tatter quickly. Since the Broom is light, it would often get stuck on large pieces of debris, such as small stones.

The bin doesn’t have a maximum capacity as it’s not a sealed compartment, so excess dirt just falls out. I estimate it’d hold about 300ml, a similar amount to a stick vacuum, before overflowing. While the Broom is easy to empty, fine dust can escape while transferring it to the bin. When cleaning up sand, I noticed a fine trail behind me.

Price: $19

Our verdict

Don’t buy either of these products. They promise easier cleaning but fail to deliver. The Spin Duster was overpriced rubbish – you’d be better off attaching a dusting cloth to the end of a broom. The Spin Broom wasn’t any better. It’s not efficient and just as easily kicked dirt away from the bin rather than towards it. While I was using it, I kept thinking a dustpan and brush or stick vacuum would be quicker and easier.

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