Insurance provider satisfaction survey: Which companies rate best?

Which insurers have the happiest customers?

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Our latest customer satisfaction survey shows many of us are underwhelmed by the service we’re getting from our insurers. That’s the bad news. The slightly better news is that there are a few standout insurers doing a decent job of keeping their customers satisfied.

As we found last year, respondents with car insurance were more likely to be happy with their insurer’s service: 61 percent were very satisfied. Life insurers continued to underperform: just 28 percent of those with life cover thought their insurer was doing a good job.

About the survey

Our survey took place online in September and October 2020; 5330 Consumer NZ members and supporters participated. We've included insurers with 30 responses or more. Overall satisfaction is the percentage who rated their insurer 8, 9 or 10 on a scale from 0 (very dissatisfied) to 10 (very satisfied).

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