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We look at a few of the features, such as glazing and flooring, you might consider when thinking about the inside of your new home.

Splashbacks in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry

A splashback is a good idea around cooking areas, basin, baths and tubs to protect the walls. They can be made of a number of materials such as tiles, glass or stainless steel. If tiles are used, make sure the wallboard is sealed first, as the grouting between the tiles can absorb water and damage the wallboard and even the framing behind.

You can use glass as a splashback but there is the risk of the glass shattering if it is fitted too close to gas hobs. There is a New Zealand Standard that gives the clearance zones: NZS 5261: 2003 ‘Gas Installation’ - see section 2.7 of the Standard.

Built-in vacuum systems

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