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Is this a fair price?

Some of you may have noticed I made a mistake in my first blog (if so you were also very polite because no one pointed it out).

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When I calculated the per-episode cost to watch Game of Thrones legitimately in New Zealand, I forgot that Sky requires you to sign up for a year.

My original calculation went like this:

10 episodes cover 3 months of a Sky subscription. To watch Game of Thrones you’ll need:

  • Sky Basic - $46.92/month
  • MySky HDi - $15.00/month
  • Soho - $9.99/month
  • an “HD Ticket” - $9.99/month

Total of $81.90/month

For 3 months the total was $245.70.

But Sky’s contract requires that you have at least the Basic package for a year. So, if you keep everything running after the GOT season, that’s an extra 9 months of Sky Basic, MySky HDi and so on for a total of $982.80! Or $98.28 per episode!

But we’re trying to get this as cheap as possible.

So if as soon as you are done watching GOT you cancel Soho and the HD ticket and downgrade your decoder to a regular box (watching on in blurry old SD), you could knock the price down to $667.98 or $66.80 per episode. Compare that with just $65 for a box set for all of season 3.

Does anyone think this is a fair price?

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