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26 September 2014

It's time chargers were universal

Consumer supports the EU parliament's push.

One of the more annoying things about a new phone is having to change any extra chargers or connecting devices you have. It’s also annoying when you need to charge your phone urgently but have forgotten your charger – and no one else has one that’s suitable.

Some powerful people agree with this: earlier this year the EU parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a universal charger for mobile phones.

This means no more phones with a plug that can be used only with that phone. The goal of this is two-fold - greater ease of use for consumers and a reduction in waste (old plugs and connectors are often dumped into landfills).

Obviously there hasn’t been a huge rush to comply with the new EU law. Many manufacturers already use the common micro-USB charger. Others, such as Apple, will most likely use an extra connector to convert from its Lightning connector to micro-USB.

We’re in favour of connectors being universal. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the law is finally enacted.

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