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Recall: Jolly KidZ barriers

Recall: Jolly KidZ smart door barriers


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The problem

Affected barriers have undersized central bolts that can't be fully tightened. This means the barrier can be pulled or pushed out of position.


Jolly KidZ Smart Door Barriers are sold exclusively through The Warehouse. If you purchased this child’s door barrier between 21 April 2013 and 21 April 2014 check the central bolts can be fully tightened.

What to do

If the central bolts can't be fully tightened stop using the barrier immediately.

  • You can return the product to any The Warehouse store for a full refund with or without a receipt. Contact The Warehouse Customer Service Team on 0800 422 274.
  • Alternatively contact Jolly KidZ (Colourific Ltd) customer services at or