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27 February 2017

Juice cleanses

At $200+ for 3 days, are these pricey programmes worth it?

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Michelle A.
05 Mar 2017

Isogenics cleanse stuff the same as these - fruit or something different?

Previous member
07 Mar 2017
Re: Isogenics

Hi Michelle,

The Isagenix cleanse programme isn’t a juice cleanse — it’s a combination of supplements and shakes depending on the specific programme. However, the comments we make about cleansing are still relevant. We don’t need to cleanse or detoxify because our bodies are well-equipped to do this via the gut, liver and kidneys.

Belinda - Consumer NZ staff

Steve K.
04 Mar 2017
Fermented drinks

Any opinion on fermented drinks- kefir water and milk etc

Previous member
07 Mar 2017
Re: Fermented drinks

Hi Steve,

We haven’t researched this topic but Australian consumer organisation Choice published an article on fermented food and drinks last year. You can check out the Choice report here: https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/nutrition/superfoods/articles/fermented-foods

Belinda - Consumer NZ staff