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Recall: Kawashima Pro2000i

Recall: Kawashima Pro2000i inverter generator


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The problem

The 12 volt battery charger outlet does not meet New Zealand standards and could be mistaken for a 240 volt outlet. The battery charger lead supplied with the unit has a plug that could be mistaken for a 240 volt plug and inserted into a 240 volt outlet.

Plugging the lead into a 240 volt outlet makes the alligator clips live and creates a serious electrical safety hazard.


Kawashima Pro2000i inverter generator. Sold in Trade Equipment and Repco stores between December 2013 and March 2014.

What to do

  • Do not use the 12 volt battery charger outlet or the lead that was supplied with the unit.
  • Drain any fuel from the tank into a suitable container for reuse.
  • Take the generator to the place of purchase as soon as possible. The outlet and lead will be replaced at no cost and you will receive an additional 12 months warranty.
  • Call Euroquip NZ (New Zealand distributor) on 0800 387 678 if you have any questions.