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Kitchen Wizz that's a wiz

There are not many appliances still doing the job after 40 years – but here's one that still makes the cut.


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Creina told us her Ralta Kitchen Wizz is still chopping and pureeing like the day she first got it. It was a Christmas present from her mother in 1971. Since Creina had two small children to run around after, her mother thought the Kitchen Wizz would make life easier.

Over the years Creina’s used it regularly for making pastry, pureeing, and chopping – and she says it’s great when making cheesecakes. When we rang, Creina was about to use it to puree some soup. She uses it at least once or twice a fortnight and throws the washable parts in the dishwasher when it’s time to clean it.

While she can no longer find some of the accessories the Wizz came with, Creina says the metal blade does everything she needs. She’s had other liquidisers and blenders, but they’ve always broken down while her Kitchen Wizz has never missed a beat.