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Research report
1 April 2019

What is KiwiSaver?

What you need to know about the work-based retirement savings scheme.

When’s the last time you reviewed your retirement plan and savings?

Use our KiwiSaver guide to help you:

  • Learn if KiwiSaver’s right for you. The major benefit of KiwiSaver is the “free money”.

  • Decide how much to contribute. While it’s great to save as much as you can, KiwiSaver typically locks away your cash until you’re 65. If you’re disciplined, you may want to split your savings between KiwiSaver and a regular investment account (or paying off debt).

  • Assess your provider and fund. If you’re in a default scheme, review your provider and fund immediately. Otherwise, we recommend re-evaluating these choices every three years. To help you pick the most suitable fund, we’ve created a compare tool.

  • Check out providers’ customer satisfaction scores. We have results for 13 KiwiSaver providers from our survey of more than 2000 New Zealanders.

  • Understand how to withdraw your savings. Most people can access their cash once they reach 65. However, people saving for their first home or experiencing financial hardship can also make a withdrawal if they meet the criteria.

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Compare KiwiSaver funds

Find the right fund for you. Compare fees, five-year returns and customer satisfaction scores, plus find out which providers are our People's Choice award winners.

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