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KiwiSaver returns and fees

Compare KiwiSaver fees plus 5-year and 12-month returns across a range of fund types.

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Fund types

For more on KiwiSaver and an explanation of the different fund types, see our KiwiSaver guide.

GUIDE TO THE TABLES Satisfaction ratings are from our 2018 KiwiSaver satisfaction survey. Fees show the fees charged for the year ended 31 March 2018, as a percentage of the average KiwiSaver balance on 30 June 2018. 5-yr returns are after tax (28%) and fees and for the period 1 April 2013 to 30 June 2018. Returns for the last 12 months are for the year to 30 June 2018. Fees and returns data are sourced from the Commission for Financial Capability’s website NR = Not recorded.


Average figures

Fees: 1.26%
5-yr return: 9.58%
Last 12 months: 12.52%

Fund[sort]Satisfaction[sort;width=medium]Fees[sort; width=medium]5-yr return[width=medium]Last 12 months[width=auto]
Amanah Growth FundNR2.29%NR11.53%
AMP Australasian Shares Fund40%1.36%NR14.42%
AMP International Shares Fund40%1.70%NR13.29%
AMP Passive International Shares Fund40%1.09%NR13.72%
AMP Property Fund40%1.40%NR7.20%
Booster Geared Growth Fund65%3.33%11.10%16.08%
Booster High Growth Fund65%1.56%8.95%11.67%
Booster International Share Fund65%1.62%11.05%12.33%
Booster Shielded Growth Fund65%1.58%NRNR
Booster Socially Responsible Investment Growth Fund65%1.59%7.56%13.06%
Booster Trans-Tasman Share Fund65%1.47%5.00%15.86%
Fisher Funds Two Equity Fund35%1.43%11.13%15.28%
Fisher Funds Two Glidepath Age 2535%1.43%NR15.28%
Kiwi Wealth Growth55%1.19%12.47%11.97%
Lifestages Auto Option Age 0 - 34NR1.57%NR12.19%
Lifestages Growth PortfolioNR3.15%8.33%11.77%
Lifestages High Growth FundNR1.57%NR12.19%
Mercer High Growth Fund55%1.27%11.13%11.70%
Mercer Shares Fund55%1.13%NR14.08%
Nikko AM Core Equity FundNR1.16%NRNR
Nikko AM Global Shares FundNR1.37%NRNR
NZ Funds Growth StrategyNR2.64%8.58%15.72%
NZ Funds Lifecycle Process 0-54NR2.48%7.94%14.42%
OneAnswer Australasian Property FundNR1.20%11.55%9.72%
OneAnswer Australasian Share FundNR1.19%15.57%17.28%
OneAnswer International Property FundNR1.20%9.28%6.08%
OneAnswer International Share FundNR1.21%13.71%17.10%
OneAnswer Sustainable International Share FundNR1.56%10.63%15.49%
Quaystreet International Equity FundNR1.55%8.30%15.41%
Quaystreet New Zealand Equity FundNR1.55%13.50%17.42%
Summer Australian EquitiesNR1.14%NR16.28%
Summer Global EquitiesNR1.14%NR17.37%
Summer Listed PropertyNR1.14%NR9.63%
Summer New Zealand EquitiesNR1.14%NR18.27%
Superlife 100NR0.81%NR9.27%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 20NR0.81%NR8.96%
Superlife Asia Pacific ETF FundNR0.78%NR15.07%
Superlife Australian Dividend ETF FundNR0.78%NR5.86%
Superlife Australian Financials ETF FundNR0.78%NR2.22%
Superlife Australian Mid Cap ETF FundNR0.78%NR14.87%
Superlife Australian Property ETF FundNR0.78%NR13.59%
Superlife Australian Resources ETF FundNR0.78%NR42.84%
Superlife Australian Shares FundNR0.78%2.82%11.29%
Superlife Australian Top 20 ETF FundNR0.78%NR12.08%
Superlife Emerging Markets ETF FundNR0.92%NR9.85%
Superlife Emerging Markets FundNR1.21%5.09%8.28%
Superlife Europe ETF FundNR0.78%NR9.08%
Superlife Gemino FundNR1.09%-5.76%-22.95%
Superlife NZ Dividend ETF FundNR0.78%NR2.26%
Superlife NZ Mid Cap ETF FundNR0.78%NR16.41%
Superlife NZ Property ETF FundNR0.78%NR8.10%
Superlife NZ Shares FundNR0.79%12.16%5.86%
Superlife NZ Top 10 ETF FundNR0.78%NR14.19%
Superlife NZ Top 50 ETF FundNR0.78%NR15.85%
Superlife Overseas Shares (Currency Hedged) FundNR0.76%9.38%7.85%
Superlife Overseas Shares FundNR0.76%11.32%15.53%
Superlife Property FundNR0.77%7.55%9.66%
Superlife Total World ETF FundNR0.78%NR16.14%
Superlife US 500 ETF FundNR0.72%NR20.34%
Superlife US Large Growth ETF FundNR0.74%NR24.98%
Superlife US Large Value ETF FundNR0.74%NR16.44%
Superlife US Mid Cap ETF FundNR0.74%NR17.84%
Superlife US Small ETF FundNR0.74%NR23.11%
Westpac CPP Fund No. 159%1.77%11.80%14.51%
Westpac CPP Fund No. 259%1.77%11.82%14.51%
Westpac CPP Fund No. 359%1.77%11.81%14.50%
Westpac CPP Fund No. 459%1.77%11.81%14.49%


Average figures

Fees: 1.48%
5-yr return: 8.89%
Last 12 months: 10.42%

Fund[sort]Satisfaction[sort;width=medium]Fees[sort; width=medium]5-yr return[width=medium]Last 12 months[width=auto]
AMP Aggressive Fund40%1.61%7.79%11.45%
AMP Aggressive Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.61%7.79%11.45%
AMP ANZ Balanced Growth Fund40%1.36%8.24%8.45%
AMP ANZ Growth Fund40%1.47%NR10.01%
AMP ASB Growth Fund40%1.36%NR10.04%
AMP Growth Fund40%1.50%7.09%10.37%
AMP Growth Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.50%7.09%10.37%
AMP Nikko AM Balanced Fund40%1.94%8.48%11.06%
AMP Nikko AM Growth Fund40%2.13%NR14.10%
ANZ Balanced Growth Fund45%1.18%9.28%9.23%
ANZ Default Balanced Growth Fund45%1.19%9.17%9.25%
ANZ Default Growth Fund45%1.24%10.68%11.14%
ANZ Growth Fund45%1.23%10.87%11.12%
Aon Milford Active Growth Wholesale Fund80%2.10%12.14%15.85%
Aon Nikko Balanced FundNR2.06%8.27%11.84%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Growth FundNR1.60%10.89%11.27%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Target Date 2045 FundNR1.59%11.06%10.95%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Target Date 2055 FundNR1.63%NR12.81%
ASB Growth Fund42%0.84%10.37%11.40%
BNZ Kiwisaver Growth Fund71%1.23%8.93%10.51%
Booster Asset Class Growth Fund65%1.54%NR10.24%
Booster Balanced Growth Fund65%1.51%7.76%10.35%
Fisher Funds Glidepath Age 3061%1.71%NRNR
Fisher Funds Glidepath Age 5061%1.64%NRNR
Fisher Funds Growth Fund61%1.71%9.73%12.97%
Fisher Funds Two Glidepath Age 4035%1.35%NR12.24%
Fisher Funds Two Growth Fund35%1.31%9.36%10.83%
Generate Focused Growth Fund65%2.11%NR17.00%
Generate Growth Fund65%1.89%NR14.33%
Generate Stepping Stones 0-3565%2.00%NR15.67%
Generate Stepping Stones 36-45 And Stepping Stones Growth 51-5565%1.85%NR12.97%
Lifestages Auto Option Age 35 - 44NR1.50%NR9.23%
Mercer Growth Fund55%1.23%NR9.45%
Milford Kiwisaver Active Growth Fund80%1.84%12.13%15.74%
Nikko AM Balanced FundNR1.21%NRNR
Nikko AM Growth FundNR1.35%NRNR
NZ Funds Inflation StrategyNR1.69%4.97%10.36%
NZ Funds Lifecycle Process - Age 65NR1.98%5.76%9.83%
OneAnswer Balanced Growth FundNR1.15%9.37%9.28%
OneAnswer Growth FundNR1.20%10.96%11.18%
Quaystreet Altum FundNR2.46%NR18.48%
Quaystreet Australian Equity FundNR1.56%4.71%13.55%
Quaystreet Growth FundNR1.54%7.41%12.59%
Simplicity Growth FundNR0.51%NR10.24%
Superlife 80NR0.79%NR7.75%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 30NR0.79%NR7.75%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 40NR0.79%NR7.75%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 50NR0.79%NR7.37%
Westpac Growth Fund59%1.09%9.72%10.81%


Average figures

Fees: 1.28%
5-yr return: 6.84%
Last 12 months: 6.66%

Fund[sort]Satisfaction[sort;width=medium]Fees[sort; width=medium]5-yr return[width=medium]Last 12 months[width=auto]
AMP ASB Balanced Fund40%1.30%NR7.95%
AMP ASB Moderate Fund40%1.26%NR5.46%
AMP Balanced Fund40%1.46%5.82%7.93%
AMP Balanced Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.46%5.82%7.93%
AMP Global Multi-Asset Fund40%1.84%NR3.23%
AMP Income Generator Fund40%1.36%NR4.61%
AMP Mercer Balanced Fund40%1.55%7.22%7.85%
AMP Moderate Balanced Fund40%1.43%5.06%6.69%
AMP Moderate Balanced Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.43%5.06%6.69%
AMP Moderate Fund40%1.37%4.38%5.57%
AMP Moderate Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.37%4.38%5.57%
AMP Nikko AM Conservative Fund40%1.39%NR5.60%
AMP Responsible Investment Balanced Fund40%1.58%NR7.36%
ANZ Balanced Fund45%1.12%7.69%7.41%
ANZ Conservative Balanced Fund45%1.07%6.10%5.58%
ANZ Default Balanced Fund45%1.14%7.56%7.40%
ANZ Default Conservative Balanced Fund45%1.08%6.03%5.63%
Aon ANZ Balanced FundNR1.68%7.02%7.31%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Balanced FundNR1.54%9.50%9.36%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Moderate FundNR1.48%7.53%6.84%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Target Date 2025 FundNR1.48%7.68%6.37%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Target Date 2035 FundNR1.55%9.51%8.86%
ASB Balanced Fund42%0.81%8.51%9.04%
ASB Moderate Fund42%0.77%6.44%6.53%
BNZ Kiwisaver Balanced Fund71%1.14%7.25%8.00%
BNZ Kiwisaver Moderate Fund71%1.04%5.84%6.14%
Booster Asset Class Balanced Fund65%1.46%NRNR
Booster Balanced Fund65%1.46%6.33%7.95%
Booster Moderate Fund65%1.35%4.28%5.29%
Booster Socially Responsible Investment Balanced Fund65%1.53%NR8.57%
Fisher Funds Balanced Strategy61%1.48%7.29%8.99%
Fisher Funds Glidepath Age 6061%1.43%NRNR
Fisher Funds Two Balanced Fund35%1.20%7.32%8.33%
Fisher Funds Two Glidepath Age 5535%1.21%NR8.61%
Generate Stepping Stones 46-55 And Stepping Stones Growth 56-6065%1.69%NR10.27%
Kiwi Wealth Balanced55%1.13%8.62%8.31%
NZ Funds Lifecycle Process - Age 75NR1.88%5.26%8.65%
Lifestages Auto Option Age 45-54NR1.46%NR6.89%
Lifestages Auto Option Age 55-64NR1.42%NR4.59%
Mercer Balanced Fund55%1.12%7.96%7.46%
Mercer Moderate Fund55%0.99%NR5.16%
Milford Kiwisaver Balanced Fund80%1.64%9.44%9.98%
Nikko AM Conservative FundNR0.96%NRNR
OneAnswer Balanced FundNR1.10%6.10%7.77%
OneAnswer Conservative Balanced FundNR1.05%6.10%5.64%
Quaystreet Balanced FundNR1.29%6.45%9.87%
Quaystreet Balanced Sri FundNR1.56%5.82%8.14%
Simplicity Balanced FundNR0.51%NR7.52%
Simplicity Guaranteed Income FundNR1.81%NRNR
Summer Investment SelectionNR1.14%NR11.52%
Superlife 60NR0.77%6.86%6.09%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 60NR0.79%NR6.06%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 70NR0.77%NR4.74%
Superlife EthicaNR0.89%7.43%4.93%
Westpac Balanced Fund59%1.02%8.01%8.76%
Westpac Moderate Fund59%0.96%NR6.17%


Average figures

Fees: 1.06%
5-yr return: 4.65%
Last 12 months: 4.42%


Fund[sort;]Satisfaction[sort; width=medium]Fees[sort;width=medium]5-yr return[sort; width=medium]Last 12 months[sort; width=auto]
AMP ANZ Conservative Fund40%1.27%NR3.29%
AMP Conservative Fund40%1.24%3.44%3.99%
AMP Conservative Fund (Lifesteps)40%1.24%3.44%3.99%
AMP Default Fund40%0.58%3.90%4.30%
ANZ Conservative Fund45%1.07%4.54%3.78%
ANZ Default Conservative Fund45%0.69%4.66%4.14%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Conservative FundNR1.43%5.58%4.31%
Aon Russell Lifepoints Target Date 2015 FundNR1.44%5.80%4.30%
ASB Conservative Fund42%0.59%4.52%4.23%
BNZ Kiwisaver Conservative Fund71%0.73%4.40%4.18%
BNZ Kiwisaver First Home Buyer Fund71%0.64%NR3.52%
Booster Asset Class Conservative Fund65%1.40%NR3.89%
Booster Default Saver Fund65%0.62%NR4.60%
Fisher Funds Conservative Fund61%1.21%4.68%4.28%
Fisher Funds Glidepath Age 7561%1.26%NRNR
Fisher Funds Two Cash Enhanced Fund35%0.75%4.42%4.15%
Fisher Funds Two Conservative Fund35%1.15%4.92%4.68%
Fisher Funds Two Glidepath Age 6535%1.16%NR5.29%
Fisher Funds Two Glidepath Age 7535%1.12%NR4.44%
Generate Conservative Fund65%1.49%NR6.67%
Generate Stepping Stones 56-6065%1.57%NR8.20%
Generate Stepping Stones 61-64 And Stepping Stones Growth 61-6465%1.53%NR7.44%
Kiwi Wealth Conservative55%1.09%4.49%4.46%
Kiwi Wealth Default55%0.86%NR4.61%
Lifestages Capital Stable PortfolioNR2.06%3.63%4.30%
Mercer Conservative Fund55%0.81%4.96%4.02%
Milford Kiwisaver Conservative Fund80%1.19%7.18%4.65%
OneAnswer Conservative FundNR1.05%4.55%3.81%
Quaystreet Conservative FundNR1.03%4.37%5.53%
Quaystreet Income FundNR1.06%NR3.98%
Simplicity Conservative FundNR0.51%NR4.14%
Simplicity Superlife 30NR0.75%4.82%4.05%
Westpac Conservative Fund59%0.88%4.72%4.71%
Westpac Default Fund59%0.71%NR4.45%


Average figures

Fees: 0.87%
5-yr return: 2.17%
Last 12 months: 1.67%

Fund[sort]Satisfaction[sort;width=medium]Fees[sort; width=medium]5-yr return[width=medium]Last 12 months[width=auto]
AMP Cash Fund40%1.03%1.39%1.11%
AMP International Fixed Interest Fund40%1.16%NR0.05%
AMP New Zealand Fixed Interest Fund40%1.03%NR2.58%
ANZ Cash Fund45%0.54%2.03%1.62%
ANZ Default Cash Fund45%0.55%1.85%1.60%
Aon ANZ Cash FundNR1.14%1.44%1.38%
Aon Nikko Cash FundNR1.18%1.80%1.59%
ASB NZ Cash Fund42%0.54%1.80%1.49%
BNZ Kiwisaver Cash Fund71%0.46%2.02%1.70%
Booster Capital Guaranteed Fund65%1.14%NR2.13%
Booster Enhanced Income Fund65%1.06%1.87%1.43%
Fisher Funds Two Preservation Fund35%0.83%1.89%1.69%
Kiwi Wealth Cash55%0.65%2.32%1.96%
Kiwi Wealth Cashplus55%0.79%2.45%2.13%
Lifestages Income FundNR1.35%NR0.58%
Mercer Cash Fund55%0.56%1.88%1.48%
Nikko AM NZ Cash FundNR0.66%NRNR
Nikko AM Corporate Bond FundNR1.01%NRNR
Nikko AM Option FundNR1.37%NRNR
NZ Funds Income StrategyNR1.39%2.34%0.97%
OneAnswer Cash FundNR0.66%1.78%1.52%
OneAnswer International Fixed Interest FundNR0.95%2.85%0.89%
OneAnswer New Zealand Fixed Interest FundNR0.74%2.60%2.83%
Quaystreet Fixed Interest FundNR1.05%3.01%3.14%
Summer Global Fixed InterestNR1.14%NR1.13%
Summer New Zealand CashNR1.14%NR1.12%
Summer New Zealand Fixed InterestNR1.14%NR2.97%
Superlife Age Steps - Age 80NR0.74%NR2.47%
Superlife Global Bond ETF FundNR0.78%NR1.53%
Superlife IncomeNR0.75%NR1.68%
Superlife NZ Bond ETF FundNR0.73%NR3.48%
Superlife NZ Bonds FundNR0.73%3.50%3.39%
Superlife NZ Cash ETF FundNR0.71%NR1.77%
Superlife NZ Cash FundNR0.71%2.08%1.79%
Superlife Overseas Bonds FundNR0.78%3.33%1.55%
Superlife Overseas Non-Government Bonds FundNR0.74%3.21%-1.05%
Superlife UK Cash FundNR0.68%0.77%6.37%
Westpac Cash Fund59%0.60%1.81%1.54%