KiwiSaver satisfaction survey
12 May 2020

KiwiSaver satisfaction survey 2020

Our survey reveals the best and worst KiwiSaver providers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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Yolanda S.
16 May 2020
What about Caresaver?

I switched to Caresaver as I want to be sure my money is invested in an ethical way. I am really surprised not to see Caresaver mentioned (unless I missed it) and their investments do well too. They are head and shoulders above all the others in their ethics and they walk the talk with 20% of their fees donated to charity.

Kevin H.
16 May 2020
Also strong support for CareSaver

I would be interested to know why they are not included. I did a lot of research and some switching around before landing on CareSaver. Now for the first time I’m entirely comfortable both with its financial performance and its ethical performance

jon s.
20 May 2020

Caresaver is listed here under Pathfinder Asset Management

Consumer staff
28 May 2020
Re: CareSaver

Hi Yolanda, Kevin

We didn't get enough responses from CareSaver members to include the company in our survey. We need a minimum of 30 responses to be able to show satisfaction ratings for a provider.

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff