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19 December 2014

Lightbox changes the game

Lightbox gave everyone an early Christmas present this week.

Lightbox gave everyone an early Christmas present this week with three massive announcements.

First they announced a load of new content. That’s “new” in the sense that it’s new to Lightbox, not brand new exclusive content. But the addition of shows like Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Oz, and Twin Peaks shows they are actively seeking out more content.

The second announcement, like an advent calendar, was even more exciting: Lightbox is now available on PlayStation 4. This may, on the face of it, seem a fairly niche announcement, but what it means is that the promises of apps on various platforms is coming true. Moreover it means that you can watch Lightbox on your TV in a much easier fashion than previously.

But the real big announcement is the partnership between Lightbox and Coliseum Sports Media. The new, and imaginatively named, Lightbox Sport will include all of Coliseum Sports Media’s New Zealand content including golf, English Premier League football, French Top 14 rugby and anything they launch in the future. Both companies are still working separately but the goal is to have bundled packages soon.

Why is this so massive? Because sports is a huge and lucrative market. There are already a large number of streaming services for online sports, most of which run for about $200 for a full season (on demand and live). If you can get, for example, Premier League Football and online TV shows for a combined price and through a single service then that will change the market dramatically.

Right now the only company that could potentially offer sports with their streaming service is Sky with their (yet to be launched) Neon service. However, Sky has said that sport is not in their plan. They may be rethinking that now.

As part of this new launch, Lightbox Sport is offering free French Top 14 rugby until the end of January. Visit and use the voucher code FRENCHTOP14 to start watching.

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Hadyn Green is a geek. He loves shiny new tech and the chance to try to break it. Because it's the kind of thing people ask, here is the tech Hadyn currently uses. Phone: Sony Z2 Tablet: iPad mini retina. Music player: Spotify. Headphones: Sony MDR-G55 (for walking because I hate earbuds) and Beats Studio noise-cancelling (for sitting at my desk and tuning out the world). E-Reader: Kindle Touch. Gaming: PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Internet Service Provider: Snap.

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