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How do you know how heavy your bag is? We’ve tested 8 dedicated luggage scales.

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How do you know how heavy your bag is? One method is standing on bathroom scales with and without the bag and calculate the difference in weights. But to be more accurate, you could use a dedicated luggage scale. We’ve tested 8 models.

We measured accuracy at 4 weights: 5, 15, 20 and 25 kilograms. We also assessed how easily the bag attached to the scale, how comfortable the bag was to lift with the scale, and how easy it was to read the resulting weight.

Best and worst

We recommend 3 luggage scales:

  • Samsonite Foldable
  • Balanzza Premium
  • Korjo Digital

All of our recommended scales were accurate to within 200g at weights up to 20kg and were easy to use.

We think you should avoid the Go Travel Weigh Me luggage scale, we’ve made it a “Don’t Buy”. It is the only mechanical scale in the test – it has extremely poor accuracy and is only just OK to use.

What to look for

All of the tested scales displayed the reading after the load was removed – a feature you should look for when choosing a luggage scale.

You should also think about how your bag attaches to the scale. The tested models used either a hook or strap – some hooks may be too small to accommodate bulky bag handles.

Test results table

Recommended[rcmd] Model Price ($)[sort;asc] Overall score (%)[sort;desc] Accuracy (/10)[sort;desc] Ease of use (/10)[sort;desc] Type Batteries Capacity (kg) Suitcase attachment
r Samsonite Foldable Digital Luggage Scale 65 84 8.5 8.2 D 2x CR2032 40 Hook
r Balanzza Premium Luggage Scale 60 82 8.5 7.8 D USB recharge 44 Strap
r Korjo Digital Luggage Scale 59 82 8.5 7.8 D 2x CR3032 44 Strap + hook
Salter Luggage Scale 50 77 7.5 7.8 D 1x CR2032 40 Strap
Super Cheap Auto Hand Held Digital Scale 13 77 9.5 5.8 D 2x AAA 45 Hook
Go Travel Digital Scale 55 75 8.5 6.5 D 1x CR2032 40 Strap
Intrepid Digital Luggage Scales 35 72 8.5 5.8 D 2x AAA 40 Hook
Don't buy Go Travel Weigh Me Luggage Scale 50 35 2.0 5.0 M n/a 35 Strap

Guide to the table
Price is based on a survey of stores and online retailers in August/September 2015.

  • Accuracy (50% of overall score) is measured at weights between 5kg and 25kg.
  • Ease of use (50%) includes how easily the bag attaches, how comfortable it was to lift, and how easy it was to read the weight.

Type D = digital, M = mechanical.

All models have display delay - the reading stays on the display after the load is removed.

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Richard W.
20 Apr 2016
Go Travel Weigh Me Luggage Scale

I bought one of these maybe three years ago and have used them many times to keep in line with carry-on and checked in baggage weights. I've found them to be consistently quite accurate, within 0.1 - 0.2kg throughout their range, as I double check weights on airport scales sometimes. Thus they have performed better than I expected.

Anna L.
31 Oct 2015
Why no Kathmandu scales tested?

These days, many people buy a significant amount of travel gear from Kathmandu, myself included. I have purchased a few sets of their handheld scales over the years for family members and find them compact and reliable. It would have been good to see how this brand stacks up.

Paul S.
02 Nov 2015
re: Why no Kathmandu scales tested?

Hi Anna,

We are pretty sure the Kathmandu Compact Travel Scale is identical to the top performing Samsonite scale. We found this scale after we'd finished the testing and, while we have compared the two physically, we didn't test the Kathmandu model so can't say for sure how it performs.

Paul Smith
Consumer NZ staff