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Recall: Madone bicycles


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The problem

Some bicycles were made with an attachment bolt on the front brake quick-release that could come loose. The cable clamp could detach and potentially result in the front brake failing. If this happens you could have difficulty stopping your bicycle.


Specific 2013 Madone bicycles are affected by this recall:

  • 2013 Madone 5.2 (standard and WSD)
  • 2013 Madone 5.9 (standard)
  • 2013 Madone 6.2 (standard and WSD)
  • 2013 Madone 6.5 (standard)
  • 2013 Madone 7.7 (standard)
  • 2013 Madone 7.9 (standard and WSD)

Click here to find the affected serial numbers of these models.

What to do

Do not ride your bicycle until your retailer has inspected the brake to determine if the attachment bolt is affected by this recall. If you own an affected bicycle, contact your closest Trek retailer. Trek will provide a free replacement front brake.